Nov 5 2013
Shawn Riegsecker

Centro Welcomes SiteScout to Our Family


Today, Centro announced the acquisition of SiteScout, a leading self-serve, RTB platform based in Toronto, Canada.

Centro's mission is to provide the industry with a unified software platform that helps marketers buy media across all guaranteed and biddable inventory, on all channels, with all ad formats, to achieve any campaign objective.

I started the company 12 years ago with the goal of automating site-direct media buys, and streamlining the tedious and manual processes that plague both agencies and ad sellers. For Centro to realize its vision – which is to address the entire spectrum of digital – we knew that adding RTB capabilities was necessary. Early this year, we began searching for a technology company with strong engineering talent, a proven track record of success and similarity to Centro's mindset and culture. After a thorough evaluation of players in the market, our choice was clear. I’m thrilled to welcome SiteScout to the Centro family.

SiteScout’s history

SiteScout has built one of the most impressive RTB, self-serve platforms in the industry. Before SiteScout’s inception in 2009, many demand side platforms (DSP) in the market were inaccessible to mid-sized marketers and agencies – none had a self-serve interface and many required budget minimums that were out of reach.

SiteScout’s mission was to make programmatic ad buying accessible to marketers of all sizes. Its platform has been used by more than 4,000 customers, including small, independent digital shops and marketers. SiteScout has been used for more than 85,000 individual campaigns. It reaches 370 million unique users per month and has access to 21 billion daily impressions. SiteScout has quickly attained traction through integrations with the top industry supply sources.

SiteScout offers pure, self-serve software. Customers go to the SiteScout website, sign up and start buying advertising. Clients just need a credit card and a minimum budget of $500 to get started.

Now what?

Paul Mokbel, SiteScout’s founder and CEO, will assume the position of Managing Director, VP, Engineering, Centro Canada.

Centro's first order of business is to continue to support what SiteScout is currently doing. We are exploring the various ways we can supply more resources to help grow the adoption of its RTB platform even faster. Simultaneously, we are already working on incorporating SiteScout’s technology into our software platform.

Becoming part of Centro will help SiteScout in two ways. First, Centro will bring all of our size, strength and scale to bear on behalf of SiteScout. Our sales team, client relationships and marketing strength will help SiteScout scale much faster than before now that it has access to Centro’s 370 professionals in 33 offices throughout the U.S. Second, there is also the bigger play in the industry – to be the first company that creates one platform for media buyers across all media, including all guaranteed and biddable inventory.

We are now in position to be the first company to bring a single, unified solution to the market quickly.

Hats off to the SiteScout team for cultivating such a great company. We have enormous appreciation and respect for Paul and his executive team, who have built not only a thriving business, but also an organization with amazing people and a wonderful culture they can be proud of. The mindset and culture match between SiteScout and Centro made this an ideal fit.

We’re excited about having SiteScout join Centro in our collective journey and are looking forward to working together to fulfill our unified vision for digital media and advertising. We have a long road ahead, and we’re mindful that this industry is full of challenges and competition. Nevertheless, I’m confident in our team and, as long as we stay focused on our path, we have a great opportunity to change and improve the digital media industry forever.