Oct 29 2014
Basis Technologies

Centro Audience Buying: A Complete Picture


Is there more to you than the newspaper you read and your favorite online store? Of course there is, and smart advertisers are taking note. In response, they’re moving away from campaigns that target on pre-defined categories like the arts section of a newspaper or a sports magazine. Today, with the help of audience buying technology, we can identify and target individuals across interests, enabling us to reach a health enthusiast even as she scans cupcake recipes on her mobile device.

This more accurate method of targeting can be done in real-time across the web and across devices – and it’s faster, more efficient, and more accurate than ever before.

Audience Buying at Centro: Powerful Technology, Quality Inventory

Centro’s audience buying team is equipped with platform technology that leverages layers of data to target individuals from every angle of the web. Twenty-four major ad exchanges and supply side platforms (SSP) give you access to over 30 billion impressions daily. Our own private exchange feeds curated premium inventory into our programmatic platform. The result is a comprehensive pool of quality impressions ready to be expertly distilled and bid on in real time so you can reach even the most dynamic audiences.

It’s All Comes Back to Data

Data layers also refine targeting and paint a more detailed picture of consumers. To deliver hyper-accurate insights on campaign performance, Centro teams integrate first, second and third-party data into buys..

Beyond data, additional targeting capabilities offer the ability to dial into individual behaviors of audiences as they navigate the web.

  • Domain and contextual targeting let you specify the content on which you want to deliver your message
  • Channel targeting accesses your viewers in organic spaces: supporting desktop, mobile, video and social inventory
  • Once you’ve reached a viewer, re-targeting capabilities keep your brand front of mind and track the viewer through point of conversion

Optimization and Centralization

Campaign transparency and control come when you leverage the highest quality inventory available to your brand. Allowed list and block list capabilities, and contextual page scan technology ensure that your messages are aligning with safe and relevant content. Our teams of digital experts follow your campaign as it unfolds in real time while optimizing delivery based on efficiency, safety, and performance. Business insights are passed back to you and your clients to inform further media buys, then wrapped campaigns are itemized and delivered on a single Centro invoice.

Interested in exploring the benefits of Audience Buying for your brand’s campaigns? Contact a Centro sales representative, and experience the power of programmatic.