Oct 14 2014
Basis Technologies

The Digital Zeitgeist Programmatic Playbook


What is the RTB Zeitgeist Playbook? We’re glad you asked.

This ebook is a compilation of the most popular RTB Zeitgeist Newsletter articles and blog posts, which were expertly written by our SiteScout team and read by paramours of programmatic from around the globe.

In this ebook release, we’ve selected the articles and posts we feel best cover the entire programmatic journey — from getting started to measuring success at campaign close.

Here are just a few strategies you’ll find inside:

  • 5 key things to ask your programmatic partner
  • Understanding the interplay between direct buys and RTB
  • Using creative power to make programmatic more efficient
  • Strategic ways to learn more

If you’re ready to create your own winning programmatic strategy, look to this playbook for a game plan. If you like what you see, share it with friends and colleagues. The more people who adopt tactics like the ones found in this ebook, the faster we can all become programmatic gurus.

Get the RTB Zeitgeist playbook now!