Oct 14 2014
Basis Technologies

RTB Zeitgeist: Study Says Programmatic Major Time-Saver


Republished from the SiteScout blog.

People aren’t worried about being replaced by robots, and instead see tech as a time-saver. At least, that’s the prevailing opinion in the advertising industry.

According to a recent AOL study, more than half (57%) of industry execs don’t think that programmatic technology replaces people. But more than a third of participants felt that the biggest issue facing the programmatic space is a skill gap requiring a strategic plug.

Some of the participants also feel that the tech is a time-saver. Two-thirds said programmatic frees up their time so they can focus more on talking strategy. A third said it gives them more time to focus on value-added services. Another third added that they have more time to spend communicating with clients thanks to programmatic.

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Programmatic Needs A Human Touch

Human insight and skill make programmatic run seamlessly. As anyone deep in the space knows, the programmatic process truly requires manual configuration in order to succeed.

Of course, the technology plays an important part in the equation, but it’s smart thinking that truly unlocks programmatic’s potential. Why? The human brain brings honesty to the table. Transparency is crucial to a successful programmatic campaign. Humans guide the process, helping to troubleshoot as necessary.

And then there’s service — at the end of the day, dependable end-to-end service ties a pretty bow on the entire programmatic package. Creative services and consultation can make all the difference when striving for client success.

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Why Netflix and Kellogg Took Programmatic In-House

Both Kellogg and Netflix have taken their programmatic practice in-house and revealed the many reasons why they went this route.

Bringing programmatic in-house has enabled Netflix to act quickly on sensitive information they’d rather not share. In that same vein, it’s allowed Kellogg to unlock the value of its first-party data. Better internal collaboration has been another bonus for Netflix. It’s also helped Kellogg embrace an emerging focus on ad effectiveness.

Finally, for Netflix, being essentially a tech company itself, the choice blended well with its culture. For both companies, the benefits for an in-house programmatic practice were ultimately too attractive to resist.

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