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A monthly learning series that covers vital industry changes and trends within the ad tech landscape.

Future in Focus: 2024 Digital Advertising Trends

Basis Technologies' Noor Naseer breaks down the most important trends for digital advertisers to know for 2024.

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Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact of Basis

Forrester’s Jonathan Lipsitz examines how agencies using Basis are increasing their digital team efficiencies by 35%.

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Paid Search in the Age of Machine Learning

Lindsay Martin, our National Director of Paid Search, joins Google’s Jascha Goss to discuss how search is evolving from text.

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Tuned in to Audio Ads

With more of the U.S. population now tuning in to digital audio, we explore how advertisers can tap into the medium's popularity.

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Commanding Attention: Beyond the Banner with Native Advertising

What are the best ways to take advantage of the various innovative opportunities that exist with native today? Answers here.

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X Marks the Spot: How to Advance Your Location-Based Advertising Strategy

Our VP of Media Innovations Noor Naseer dives into the tactics that will take your location-based strategy to the next level.

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Solved: Selecting a Digital Media Platform

We help to solve the complex puzzle of selecting a digital media platform by breaking it down into 10 simple steps.

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12 Insights on Social Video

From tips on how to measure performance to storytelling best practices, we run through 12 insights relating to social video.

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Let's Talk: Conversational Commerce

Conversational interfaces have evolved significantly over the years and will continue to do so into the future. Find out why here.

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Always On: Today’s Cross Device Opportunity

These days, Americans spend more than half of their waking hours consuming media across a variety of connected screens. That’s ...

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