Ryan Manchee

Shifting Screens: Approaching TV Today

Once upon a time, TV was a predictable experience for viewers and advertisers alike. People would simply flip on their TVs, and from there Nielsen could easily tabulate reach on a widely accepted point system. TV was a well-oiled machine with unparalleled reach and a reliable method for buying.

In the past decade, however, the landscape has changed dramatically. A once reliable process for media buying and measurement has been eroded by the rise of non-cable viewing options. Netflix, Hulu, OTT apps, and the ability to stream content on non-TV screens has made TV wildly complicated for ad buyers.

In this webinar, Noor Naseer, Centro’s Senior Director of Media Innovations + Technology, evaluates the many pieces of this ever-changing landscape and prepares buyers for leveraging one of advertising’s most complicated media types.

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