Ryan Manchee

Proving ROI in Paid Social

The last 18 months have seen massive change for social media. The introduction of new platforms, new features on existing platforms, strategic partnerships, and shiny new advertising tools happen at lightning speed. Data regulation and concerns continue to impact the ways in which advertisers can activate across social channels, and the balance of consumer attitudes and user engagement remains finicky.

Yet, there’s a reason why social advertising revenues continue to rise at double-digit rates year-over-year.

In this webinar, we explore why our clients continue to invest in social platforms (and why we continue to recommend them). We also cover the ways Centro is proving out the ROI of paid social as part of the overall paid media mix.

You’ll walk away understanding:

  • New ways of maximizing ad targeting, machine learning, and campaign settings to drive optimal performance across paid social publishers
  • What new tools are available to help tie media performance data to business outcomes throughout the customer journey, and
  • How to best use data to measure the success of paid social campaigns.

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