Ryan Manchee

Paid Search in the Age of Machine Learning

New technology has made the consumer journey anything but linear. From finding a prospective car buyer in the market for that new SUV to the middle-aged parents looking to refinance their home, the keyword and geotargeting tactics that once worked are no longer enough to drive conversions. While advertisers continue to adapt across digital channels, paid search may be the most primed for innovative tactics powered by machine learning that drive both efficiency and efficacy. 

In May's webinar, Lindsay Martin, Centro's National Director of Paid Search, and Google's senior strategist on agency accounts, Jascha Goss, discuss how:

  • micro-moments in the consumer journey can be identified and capitalized
  • advertisers have enhanced their campaign targeting with machine learning
  • automation can impact not just bidding, but also creative and audience targeting
  • search is evolving from just text, with more visuals and voice

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