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Dec 12 2022

Our Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

With 2023 fast approaching and 2022 slowly fading in the rearview, take a look back at some of our favorite blog posts of the year!
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Workplace Culture Resources

Infographic: Complexity, Job Satisfaction and Automation in Digital Media

Download this infographic to get the highlights from our report, “How Complexity, Job Satisfaction, and Automation Intersect in Digital Media.” ...

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Complexity, Job Satisfaction, and Automation in Digital Media

Research shows that 37% of advertising professionals plan to leave their jobs within two years. With 90% of professionals agreeing ...

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Becoming Basis: A Rebrand Roundtable

After recently changing our name from "Centro" to "Basis Technologies," we asked some of our amazing employees to share their thoughts about this rebrand, the industry, and the future of our company.

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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

As marketing and advertising professionals leave their current roles for companies that better serve a diverse array of needs, their ...

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Don’t Forget to Breathe: Reframe Community Group

Our Reframe community group provides a safe space to rethink how we understand mental health conditions and discuss practices to manage them.

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How to Cope with Pandemic Burnout

This is the third in an 11-part series of blog posts that focus on Centro’s corporate guiding principles, and how ...

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How Important is DEI to Job Seekers? (Intern Roundtable)

As a recently graduated Black woman who is just beginning her career, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and workplace culture ...

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How to Lead A Digital Agency

Former digital agency president and partner Mitch Joel shares his experience building, running and selling agency Twist Image.

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How to Pitch Digital Innovation

Walter Geer shares how he empowers his team to keep innovation at the forefront of approaching client business.

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