Oct 25 2021
Ben Larrison

Becoming Basis: A Rebrand Roundtable


It’s been quite a month here at Basis. That’s right: we said “Basis.” On October 15, 2021, “Centro” officially became “Basis Technologies.” The change signifies our longstanding mission to develop the leading cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software platform for marketing and advertising.

Standing behind that commitment is a team of 850+ employees working hard to lead our industry into the future. So, what does all the recent excitement mean to them? To find out, we asked some of our amazing employees to share their thoughts about this rebrand, the industry, and the future of our company.

Basis Technologies Employee Q&A

Q: What does Basis Technologies (the company) mean to you?

Bridgette Armstrong (VP, Client & Media Services): 

If I had to describe Basis Technologies in one word, it would be home. The company culture is unmatched—each person shows up every day bringing the best version of themselves, and they show up the next day trying to make their best better. We are a family who genuinely care about one another’s passions and treat each other as humans above all else.

Jonah Rosenberg (Senior Director, Software Engineering): 

Basis Technologies has given me so much to me over the past 6 years—great growth opportunities, support/flexibility, and amazing friends/teammates. I can confidently say the good-natured and high-caliber people here truly make this a special place to work.

Mike Olson (SVP, Client Development)

This organization means more to me than most would realize. I’ve been a part of this company for 34% of my entire life. Not adult life—entire life. I’ve met life-long best friends while working here, experienced hyper growth both personally and professionally and, to put it bluntly, Basis Technologies has made me a better person. 

Q: What does this name change represent to you?

Bridgette Armstrong:

Changing our name to Basis Technologies represents our promise to our employees and customers—we will continue to focus on building the most user-friendly, capable software platform to enable the betterment of the industry.

Jonah Rosenberg: 

Changing our name to Basis Technologies solidifies our commitment to being a “tech-first” company. I’ve long seen the investment in our technology while building Basis Platform; however, there was always some level of uncertainty until we could prove out its value in the market. Now that we’re watching the platform shine, I’m excited about this opportunity to continue growing into the newest phase of the company.

Mike Olson

Rebranding to Basis Technologies shows we are a technology-first organization. This is an important step as we continue to forge the path for automation in the digital advertising industry. Too many times, I still go into sales calls and someone says, “Oh, I know Centro. You guys do the local thing, right?” Basis Technologies shows our maturity in building best-in-class software applications to improve the lives of people in our industry. It’s a monumental step forward to stay aligned with the direction we are going. 

Q: What are your feelings about the future of our company?

Bridgette Armstrong:

There is so much to be excited about when thinking about Basis Technologies! Our product team continues to evolve Basis based on our user’s needs, and our services team continues to advance our client strategies based on the everchanging digital ecosystem. Each day brings a new opportunity for us to showcase new thinking, whether it’s through our workflow software or our creative media recommendations.

Jonah Rosenberg: 

I’m incredibly optimistic about the future! We have so much more to build that will have a positive impact on our customers and our industry. The early days of Basis were about figuring out what we needed to bring the platform to market. Looking forward, I’m excited to work on features to continue providing more and more value back to our customers by increasing intelligence and automation capabilities in the platform.

Mike Olson

Extremely bullish. Why? The 3P’s: People, Processes and Product. We kick (butt) at all three. It’s very clear. We are going to the MOON!!

Q: What are your feelings about the future of this industry and Basis Technologies’ place in it?

Bridgette Armstrong:

As we’ve all seen over the last year, one of the biggest hurdles the advertising industry is facing (along with many other industries) is employee retention. I don’t see this issue subsiding anytime soon. 

Having access to Basis gets our team out of the mundane tasks and gives them the opportunity to focus on more strategic tasks. This leads to happier employees and higher retention rates. If you’re in the digital media industry, this platform will truly change the way you work, and we all know that happiness in the workplace bleeds into your personal life as well. So, I guess you could say we are making the world a happier place!

Jonah Rosenberg: 

As the years go by, the ad tech industry only continues to get more complex. Basis has always been about abstracting away that complexity for its customers while still taking advantage of the opportunities that the industry has to offer. I’m excited and confident that as we continue to grow our team, we’ll be able to rapidly expand the Basis feature set to activate additional opportunities within the industry while keeping overhead low.

Mike Olson

The future of this industry is as tumultuous, fragmented and disparate as it has ever been…and it’s only getting worse. Every time something new emerges—be it hardware, software, devices, mediums, channels, etc.—there will be companies sprouting up looking to build an advertising practice around them, creating never-ending fragmentation. 

On top of that, the government desires to limit data collection, and Google, Facebook and Apple are always changing the game, which hurts the smaller companies. This also means we work in an industry that evolves and changes at one of the highest rates on the planet, while roughly 20% of industry employees are flat-out leaving the entire industry. 

As for Basis Technologies, our mission has never wavered. So long as we remain dedicated to improving the lives of people working in this industry, we will continue innovating, evolving, and growing into one of the largest companies in the space. The sky is the limit, and we are JUST getting started!