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Blog post author Eric Nelson and others at Basis Technologies' August 2022 New Hire Orientation
Sep 7 2022

An Inside Look at Basis Technologies’ New Hire Orientation

What happens when we hire a new Beep? Read about one person's orientation plus their (spoiler: positive) takeaways on our company culture.
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Workplace Culture Resources

Working From Home 101: Coworking With a Partner

I’ve had the pleasure of working from home with my husband for several years. The honeymoon phase of spending 24/7/365 ...

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A Letter From the CEO

I am sad and heartbroken at what is happening in our society, cities, and communities right now. I watched the ...

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Working From Home 101: Communicating with Your Manager

Effective communication is one of the most important soft skills you can have in our industry. But even for the ...

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Basis Technologies Prioritizes Mental Health

External circumstances impact the way we show up to our jobs. It’s important for workplaces to recognize this and support ...

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Working From Home 101: Virtual Team Meetings

Hello! Courtney Livingston here, Senior Product Designer at Centro. I hope you're finding fun and interesting ways to stay connected ...

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Working From Home 101: Mental Wellness

Kami Lentz here, Agency Lead with Centro! I’m here to share some tips I’ve learned in my time working remotely. ...

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Think Clearly Under Pressure

This month's episode features Lola Wright, who discusses how advertising professionals—or anyone—can work better in these adverse and unusual times, both personally and professionally.

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Working From Home 101: Focus

If you're transitioning from working in an office to working remotely, maintaining focus throughout the day may be something you're ...

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Working From Home 101: Prioritization

The ability to prioritize tasks is valuable in any line of work. But when it comes to working from home, ...

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