Apr 20 2022
Melina Cen Xie

Roundtable: How Small Actions Add Up to a Big Impact at Basis


This is the seventh in an 11-part series of blog posts that focus on Basis Technologies’ corporate guiding principles, and how those values show up in the workplace and in the lives of our people.

People tend to underestimate their own power. In a world of almost eight billion people, it’s easy to feel like your individual actions are ineffectual. However, as I move through the world, I'm often reminded that small actions can add up to big impacts over time.

For example: Kindness is contagious. When we help others, others are more likely to pay those kindnesses forward. When large groups of people commit to helping each other, that common goal enacted by many people has a lasting impact.

At Basis Technologies, "Believe Impact is Possible" is one of our core principles. It describes the phenomenon that when we work hard, stay focused, and act in service to others, anything is possible. To better understand what the principle looks like in practice, I asked a few colleagues—Brittany Ryan (Sr Dir, Business Development), Mindy Zhang (Content Marketing Associate), and Robert Kurtz (Group VP, Paid Search)—a few questions about what making an impact means to them.

What does "making an impact" at Basis Technologies mean to you?

Brittany Ryan: To me, making an impact means creating positive change. That change could be something big like developing a revenue stream, or something as small like helping a teammate. 

Mindy Zhang: Making an impact means doing what I can to change things for the better, whether it’s making work processes more efficient for my coworkers, or simply being there for my communities as a resource.

Robert Kurtz: Making an impact at Basis means we meet the needs of those in our organization as well as the community. Making an impact means we lead. We accept and encourage. Making an impact doesn’t stop with our client’s business but extends to the welfare and culture of our employees and beyond.

How do you aim to make an impact in the marketing and advertising industry?

BR: I work to understand gaps and unmet needs within the industry and then work with teams at Basis to create solutions for those gaps. Ideally, those solutions improve user experience within Basis and create raving fan service. 

MZ: I hope to be someone that other POCs can look up to as they build their careers in this industry. I want to grow into a level-headed, ethical, and innovative leader: I know from experience that embodying those traits makes an impact!

RK: Specifically in marketing and advertising, I make an impact by being a teacher. I have a passion for teaching and educating planners to grow their knowledge base. Through a mix of empathy and self-education I can help to push forward the best plans for not only my direct clients, but my entire team’s client roster.

One of the most direct opportunities employees have for making an impact is with the other individuals on their team. How have you impacted or been impacted by your team?

BR: I’m continuously learning from my team. When I first started at Basis, my coworkers taught me how to navigate cross-functional teams. Learning this early on created a lasting impact—I still apply those skills on a daily basis.

MZ: I’ve definitely been impacted in so many amazing ways with the individuals I work with. I’ve been taught so many things in relation to my job as well as to my professional development. Through those experiences, I’ve also learned more about how to make positive impacts on them as well. I note what impact my colleagues have on me and try to pass the torch to others who could use that type of impact as well.

RK: I’ve been impacted by each one of my direct reports—as well as by numerous other coworkers during my time at Basis. Through their stories of struggle, triumph, and entrepreneurship, I find new ways to improve my own personal and professional life. Through our DEI efforts and education, I have become more self-aware of my own biases, and it’s helped me to be better leader—one who knows that he'll never stop learning and focusing on self-improvement.

How do you strive to make an impact outside of the workplace?

BR: Outside of the workplace I try to create an impact through simple daily actions. It could be helping a family member with a task, providing a recommendation to a friend, etc. By focusing on the little things, I’m able to create a bigger and more consistent impact in my daily life.

MZ: I strive to make an impact outside of work through the simple things, like being a good listener and letting people around me know that I'm a reliable and dependable force in their lives.

RK: Outside of the workplace I focus on family and community. I strive to be the best dad and husband that I can be. I can’t wait to coach my daughter and work on homework with her. I volunteer at my church as well as in the community through programs like the First Tee, which is a youth development organization introducing the game of golf and its inherent values to young people. Most of the kids in the program are from lower income, minority families. My goal through the First Tee is to combine golf with life skills such as inner strength, self-confidence and resilience.

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