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Live sports fans watching the game and enjoying the ads
Oct 25 2023

Going Deep on Live Sports Advertising Opportunities

See how digital advertisers can effectively reach and connect with sports fans.
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Your Favorite Blog Posts from This Year

From understanding Gen Z to demystifying digital advertising regulation, here's the content that resonated most with our readers in 2022.

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Everything We Published on Connected TV Advertising This Year

It's been a big year for connected TV advertising. Here, we round up all our CTV-related content to be a go-to resource for marketers.

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Our Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

With 2023 fast approaching and 2022 slowly fading in the rearview, take a look back at some of our favorite blog posts of the year!

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2023 Trends for Financial Services Marketers

To make the most of 2023, finserv marketers should focus on their targeting mechanisms and regulatory compliance. Read why.

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2023 Trends for Travel & Tourism Marketers

As travel regains altitude, we look at why industry marketers should prioritize paid search and invest in loyalty programs.

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Digital Sea Change: Basis Technologies 2023 Trends Report

Discover the trends that will shape digital advertising in the year ahead.

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Digital Sea Change: 2023 Trends

Another new year, another set of trends to consider! Tune into this webinar to learn what they are and how best to capitalize on them.

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Connected TV: Fact and Fiction

More and more people are tuning into connected TVs, with ad spend following. Here, we separate CTV fact from fiction.

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Top 4 Benefits of Connected TV Advertising

CTV viewership is booming and ad spend is following. In this post, we explore the channel's key benefits for advertisers.

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