Mar 2023
Dannalyn Prado

Boosting Sales With Programmatic Video

Before beginning their relationship with Basis in June 2022, the international award-winning Nue Vodka brand owned and distilled by Southwest Spirits was positioning itself to become one of the most well-known vodka brands in the Dallas Fort Worth area. After establishing themselves as a premium, yet affordable vodka in DFW, this client's subsequent goal was to gain market share in the vodka category in markets where there was a greater need for brand awareness.

Basis’ Managed Services team first conducted thorough market and consumer research to validate assumptions about spirits sales, consumption frequency among U.S. adults, and ad spend patterns among alcohol brands. Basis then provided Nue Vodka with an awareness strategy designed to help the brand reach its growth goals and paired it with an analysis comparing its sales in different markets. Ultimately, Basis’ digital media execution correlated with 27% higher average daily sales. In response to the positive business results, the vodka brand doubled its ad spend.


  • Grow brand awareness and consideration for the Nue Vodka brand
  • Drive qualified traffic to site
  • Capture greater market share


  • Time: June-December 2022
  • Budget: $600K
  • GEO: Dallas-Fort Worth, NY, Chicago, and Atlanta
  • Audience: Primary vodka drinkers and frequent spirit drinkers


  • Basis Managed Services
  • Basis DSP (Programmatic Video/CTV)
  • YouTube
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram)


  • 27% increase in average daily sales
  • 73% Video/CTV Video Completion Rate (VCR) vs 70% benchmark
  • 85% YouTube Video Completion Rate (VCR) vs 53% benchmark
  • $0.01 Cost per completed view (CPCV) vs $0.03 benchmark
  • $2.70 Cost per site visit (CPSV) vs $5.89 benchmark
  • 28.9MM/111,990 Impressions/Clicks

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