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2024 Trends for Travel and Tourism Marketers

Highlighting value, actioning first-party data, and leaning into new tech will make for winning travel and tourism campaigns in 2024.

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Technology Advancements Provide More Advertiser Screens

This video for Corning, a specialty glass and ceramics company, really got me thinking about the different ways a brand can reach their consumer. I couldn’t help but be amazed at all the different types of display screens and it seems we are not far off from this futuristic technology being brought to market.

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CMO Confessions, Digital Challenges and Outsourcing

In a recent agency confession interview, an agency CMO offers extremely candid feedback in regards to the challenges agencies face today. Looking beyond the so-called Mad Men drama, it is apparent that agencies are feeling more pressure than ever.

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Digital Outsourcing Leads to More Opportunities

Last week, HFS published an article entitled “Why today’s outsourcing industry is a sham.” This informative POV tackles some of the perceptions made about outsourcing as a term and outsourcing as an industry.

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Online Local Market Share to Hit 22%

At Borrell Associates’ Local Online Advertising Conference, our very own Shawn Riegsecker, participated in a panel discussion focused on where local online is headed by 2016.

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CMO as Business Strategist, Local Digital Ad Revenue

How can “CMOs stake their claim as growth drivers within organizations—and not merely ad-campaign custodians?” Forbes recently hosted a CMO as Business Strategist salon, an eye-opening round-table discussion among many influential CMOs.

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Innovation, Industry Shifts Require, Online Newspapers

With innovation, there are more possibilities. Conversely, resistance to advancements can lead to slower progression. Marketers are often faced with a dilemma of when and how to integrate emerging technologies, such as mobile, particularly when resources are scarce.

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Creative Review: Hyper Local Messaging

I’ve lived in Chicago long enough to know just what a Cubs World Series win would mean for this town, and that makes this hyper localized ad even more poignant. You have to live here to get all the references, but each and every location cut to in this commercial has meaning for this city and its residents, and it’s not often that a brand effectively manages to pinpoint a small, specific group of folks and tug on their heart strings like this.

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Building a Better Future, Digital Innovation & Brand Advocates

Powerful brand experiences create valuable brand advocates, active promoters who recommend brands; these promoters are the means to more revenue. The “would you recommend” question is one that has been heavily relied on by companies to determine growth and profitability, using metrics such as the net promoter score.

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Digital Media and Tackling Ad Administrative Costs

How can you make the most of your marketing budget? Today, more marketers are faced with the inevitable, budget cuts. Thus, it is even more crucial to select the “best” solution that will deliver sufficient return. Increased digital media is just one way marketers can get more bang for their buck, as validated by many CEOs from large companies, such as P&G, Walmart and General Mills.

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