Oct 10 2012
Basis Team

Targeting Events Provides a Festival of Opportunity


A few weeks ago, I was struck with inspiration. I was graciously invited to tag along with the Centro Marketing team to the Prince concert in Chicago. Midway through the show, Prince requested everyone to get out their phones to illuminate the arena.

Phones have become the new lighters at concerts. Thousands of small illuminated screens dotted the arena. And while I, along with the marketing team, followed suit with our own phones, I couldn’t help but see thousands of small illuminated advertising opportunities. I laughed and mentioned that this was a blog post waiting to be written.

But it’s true, there is an opportunity here.

The option to geo-target mobile phones based on zip-code, location or radius is becoming fairly mainstream; what an opportunity to have nearly 20,000 like-minded people in one place!

This opportunity can translate from concerts to sporting events, conferences or festivals. The point is, there is an opportunity for event targeting. Whether it is in a cab going to or from an event, or in bars and restaurants surrounding the location, the ability to target around events is present.

Coupling mobile with several digital OOH opportunities provides smart targeting and something a little outside the box compared to display.

Would you ever consider targeting events to reach your audience?