Oct 9 2012
Noor Naseer

Great Expectations: The Monetization of Mobile Media


It’s a lingering question on the tips of tongues of many media professionals: What’s the true worth of mobile media?

And it’s a question that’s commonly followed by a slew of others: Does the medium’s true worth have yet to come? When it arrives, what will that worth represent to advertisers in the scheme of a larger media mix? And what distinctive role can mobile be relied upon to play?

As things stand now, the mobile world is no stranger to skeptics questioning the space’s ability to deliver measurable ROI as effectively as traditional offline channels, like TV and print, or the mainstream digital medium of desktop display. Mobile remains a space with believers and non-believers – those who see the development of valuable monetization models and those who question if or when it ever will.

While many advertisers can appreciate the rampant uptick in recent mobile consumption, hesitation still exists when budgeting spend for mobile.

An Ad Age article titled, “Will Mobile’s Massive Growth Equal Real Revenue” puts new perspective on the issue. The piece highlights the growth in mobile consumption that drove a rush to monetize the medium and the consequential undervaluation of inventory. Industry professionals agree that an incredible volatility still exists with the pricing of mobile CPMs, a concerning reality for publishers and content distributors.

There’s also the issue of the medium needing to take better advantage of the mobile device’s functionality with more dynamic executions and user-friendly creative. Mobile rich media is becoming a highly touted offering due to its ability to fulfill this void in mobile executions.

It’s fair to say that mobile is still in its infancy, and time is needed to standardize means of user engagement, user expectations and offering costs.

Read the article in Ad Age, Will Mobile’s Massive Growth Ever Equal Real Revenue? and share your thoughts. What do you think it will take for mobile media to reach its monetization potential and where do you think things stand now?