Oct 2 2012
Basis Team

The Regional Agency Tool for Survival


(The Agency Post) – Winning hallmark accounts has long been a documented challenge for regional agencies, but a seismic shift is occurring. These agencies are becoming increasingly more valuable alongside their larger counterparts. While the media focus remains on behemoth agencies in major markets, the migration of talent, evolution of media and integration of platforms has leveled the playing field, arming regional agencies with the creativity and resources to make big brands think twice about whether Madison Avenue or Madison, Wis., representation is best.

The industry is experiencing a groundswell, and small to mid-sized regional agencies are invited to pitch and win national business from some of America’s most iconic brands. For instance, Hewlett Packard works with Burns Marketing based in Johnstown, Colorado, and George Killian’s Irish Red is represented by Jacobson/Rost, a Milwaukee-based agency.

Acquiring national business is just one step of the process. The path ahead holds excitement for agencies, but they must take the necessary actions to properly prepare account teams and, above all else, stay true to the promises made to the newly acquired client.

Bandwidth is holding regional agencies back.

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