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AI, Explained

In this episode, Alex Castrounis lays out the knowledge marketers need to effectively harness artificial intelligence for their work.

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Podcast Episodes

Make Media Buying Better

In an age where innovation is king, it can be shocking to see advertisers and agencies stick to the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, media buyers are often stuck using the same tools and systems that were in vogue over a decade ago.

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Selling the American Dream

Most Americans are already sold on the American dream—however, with the 2008 housing crash etched in most consumers' memories, marketing a global real estate company is not without challenges. 

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Growth Hack Your Ad Career

The advertising industry can be a battlefield when it comes to finding opportunities for career advancement. Roles are highly competitive—and progressing with speed can be a challenging task. 

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Waves of Change for Location Data

Location-based advertising has entered a new era. For years, advertisers focused on leveraging the most granular location data, often ignorant of how it was obtained. Today, however, the landscape has changed. 

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How to Make Ads, an Experience

Many advertisers prioritize technology or targeting for their media campaigns, over their actual campaign messaging. Too often, marketers obsess over reaching the right audience, without equal consideration for the experiences they’re delivering.

As VP of Business Intelligence for The Basement—Ira Maher oversees media strategy, operations and analytics disciplines, while he focuses on customer experience associated with every account.

In our latest episode, Ira shares how his teams leverage marketing, technology, data, and automation to ensure that ads aren’t merely endured, but rather, experiences worth remembering.

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Innovate or Die

The word "innovation" gets thrown around a lot in advertising. Despite the desire to think outside the box, advertisers and marketers don’t always walk the walk as well as they talk the talk. How can we prioritize innovation to better serve our clients and our careers?

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How to Stretch Your Digital Media Dollars

Whether your media budget is big or small, it’s always worthwhile to review how efficiently your campaigns are spending media dollars.

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Under the Influence

Influencers have become a lasting fixture of the social media marketing world—but in a loosely regulated space, marketers are wary of jumping into a pool of unknowns.

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Inevitable Automation in Advertising

Digital went from just a sliver of the media mix a decade ago, to a majority of ad spend today. This shift in the advertising industry’s focus can be largely credited to a heightened programmatic mindset, and with that—a pressing expectation for more automated processes in advertising. Centro’s Founder and CEO, Shawn Riegsecker, discusses the impact that automated systems have had on the way advertisers buy media, client expectations around transparency, the advertising job market, and predictions for the future of digital advertising.

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The digital media world is littered with buzzwords, acronyms, and people hoping their understanding of industry concepts are the same as everyone else’s. AdTech Unfiltered is a podcast that dissects and discusses key concepts and ideas in the ad tech, digital advertising and marketing worlds.

Noor Naseer

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Tune in, as Basis Technologies' senior director media innovations + technology, Noor Naseer, speaks with industry experts to gain insight into the topics, tactics and technologies that are shaping the future of our digital-first industry. If you would like to be featured on the podcast or have a topic you would love to hear about—contact Noor Naseer via LinkedIn.