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Discerning Fact from Fiction in AdTech (with Ratko Vidakovic)

AdProfs founder Ratko Vidakovic joins host Noor Naseer to discuss how to find and distinguish adtech truths from not-so-hidden agendas.

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Podcast Episodes

Create Cause-Based Campaigns

In this episode, Noor speaks with Jordan Ruden of Craft & Commerce and Amanda Pyron of The Network to learn how organizations can approach mission-driven advertising.

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The Art of the Subscription Box

This episode features PupJoy CEO Dustin McAdams,who shares what he's learned in his pursuit of offering the best customer care in the subscription services space.

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Think Clearly Under Pressure

This month's episode features Lola Wright, who discusses how advertising professionals—or anyone—can work better in these adverse and unusual times, both personally and professionally.

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Generating Ideas Worth Sharing

This month's episode features Publicis Groupe's Tom Goodwin, who speaks to how his passion for sharing ideas has opened up new paths of success and opportunity in his career.

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Leading Fearlessly

This month's episode features seasoned advertising veteran Sean Finnegan, who has years of fearless leadership experiences to share.

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How to Be the Best Ad Buyer

Lambert chats with host Noor Naseer about how to invest client dollars intelligently, keep teams educated on the latest offerings, secure talented traders, uncover critical insights, and ultimately, keep clients happy.

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Make Media Buying Better

In an age where innovation is king, it can be shocking to see advertisers and agencies stick to the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, media buyers are often stuck using the same tools and systems that were in vogue over a decade ago.

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Selling the American Dream

Most Americans are already sold on the American dream—however, with the 2008 housing crash etched in most consumers' memories, marketing a global real estate company is not without challenges. 

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Growth Hack Your Ad Career

The advertising industry can be a battlefield when it comes to finding opportunities for career advancement. Roles are highly competitive—and progressing with speed can be a challenging task. 

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The digital media world is littered with buzzwords, acronyms, and people hoping their understanding of industry concepts are the same as everyone else’s. AdTech Unfiltered is a podcast that dissects and discusses key concepts and ideas in the ad tech, digital advertising and marketing worlds.

Noor Naseer

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Tune in, as Basis Technologies' senior director media innovations + technology, Noor Naseer, speaks with industry experts to gain insight into the topics, tactics and technologies that are shaping the future of our digital-first industry. If you would like to be featured on the podcast or have a topic you would love to hear about—contact Noor Naseer via LinkedIn.