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Accelerating Campaigns with AI & Automation

Eric Mayhew shares how automation and AI can reduce low-value manual labor, minimize friction in workflows, and more.

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Podcast Episodes

Finding Mentorship in AdTech

ExchangeWire AdTech Personality of the Year Matt Barash chats with Noor Naseer about how to find well-suited mentors, how to make the most of the relationship, and reasons to become a mentor as you grow in your career.

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How to Thrive as a Programmatic Consultant

Helene Parker shares critical professional lessons to engage and retain clients, advice for anyone thinking of starting their own programmatic consultancy, and reflections on the upsides of leaving the traditional nine-to-five.

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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

As marketing and advertising professionals leave their current roles for companies that better serve a diverse array of needs, their ...

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Test Cookieless Targeting...Now!

Angelina Eng, VP of Addressability and Measurement at the IAB, shares her thoughts on the technical maneuvers that advertisers must take on to navigate a rapidly approaching future with far fewer reliable identifiers.

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How to Lead A Digital Agency

Former digital agency president and partner Mitch Joel shares his experience building, running and selling agency Twist Image.

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How to Pitch Digital Innovation

Walter Geer shares how he empowers his team to keep innovation at the forefront of approaching client business.

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Considering Cookie Loss & Privacy Law

In this episode, Pavón shares his views on consumer privacy laws and how advertisers should be planning for a cookieless future.

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Is It Time To Bring Programmatic In-House?

Centro's EVP of Media Services and Operations shares how advertisers can approach in-housing, as well as how to best prepare beforehand.

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Committing to Professional Growth

Accomplished tech leader, speaker, and author Jeffery Smith joins the podcast to discuss finding new ways to grow during COVID-19.

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The digital media world is littered with buzzwords, acronyms, and people hoping their understanding of industry concepts are the same as everyone else’s. AdTech Unfiltered is a podcast that dissects and discusses key concepts and ideas in the ad tech, digital advertising and marketing worlds.

Noor Naseer

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Tune in, as Basis Technologies' senior director media innovations + technology, Noor Naseer, speaks with industry experts to gain insight into the topics, tactics and technologies that are shaping the future of our digital-first industry. If you would like to be featured on the podcast or have a topic you would love to hear about—contact Noor Naseer via LinkedIn.