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Innovations in Search and Social [November 2023]

Meta's ad-free tier, Google's AI image tools, Amazon's lead gen ads and more feature in this month’s list of search and social news.

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Understanding 4 Key Real Estate Consumer Personas

Everyone needs a home: buyers, renters, investors, even real estate agents. Find expert media strategies & tips for reaching these audiences.

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Scout: Record-Breaking CTV Ad Spend, How Agencies are Using AI, and More

AI regulation predictions, everything you should know about in-housing, and more feature in this week's list of top marketing content.

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Understanding the Basics of Bid Shading

We break down some of the lingo surrounding bid shading and explore how it’s applied in the digital advertising industry.

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Everything You Need to Know About Programmatic In-Housing

Explore the benefits and challenges of programmatic in-housing in all its forms, including hybrid, outsourcing or full in-housing.

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Scout: Fraying Threads, Declining Time with Linear TV, and More

Brand safety threats on social media, made-for-advertising sites, and more feature in this week's roundup of top digital marketing content.

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Why the Real Social Media Cage Match Is Advertisers vs. Brand Safety Threats

Forget Musk vs. Zuck—social media advertisers are already in the ring with a swarm of threats to brand safety!

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How to Build the Right MarTech and AdTech Stack for Your Business

Basis experts share how to evaluate which advertising and marketing technologies will best complement your people.

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How to Ace Your Back-to-School Campaigns This Year

Learn key strategies for marketers looking to earn straight A's on their back-to-school campaigns this year.

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Scout: Programmatic Ads at the Movies, CTV Transparency, and More

Hesitance around generative AI, cannabis consumer behavior, and more feature in this week's roundup of top digital marketing content.

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