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Jul 19 2023

The Wonderful World of Geotargeting and Location-Based Targeting

Learn how geo-based targeting strategies like location targeting, localized marketing, and geotargeting help advertisers reach audiences.
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Window Washers for an Industry

Time to introduce a new adage to the information age: If you want to know how best to layout an office space, talk to the window washer.

Maybe not the first choice, but when you consider the volume and variety of floor plans a window washer sees over the course of a day, week or month, you start to realize there is a sea of potential insights you might not be considering in your own design.

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Finding the Freedom to Plan ‘Dream Campaigns’

I recently read a great article on Digiday called The Ad Network Transparency Conspiracy that resonated with me – I felt it aligned perfectly with some industry challenges Centro has aimed to address.
If you ask any media planner or buyer to think back to when they studied media planning and were asked to create a “dream campaign,” they’d probably tell you that they hadn’t yet gained understanding of the challenges execution poses in reality. And I seriously doubt that anyone would have relied on networks to account for much of their plan.

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Engaging External Digital Media Partners for the Win

Adding third-party digital media logistics experts to a service provider adds another layer to the evolution of the industry. According to Craig Montgomery, principal of marketing strategy firm CMG partners, “It can be done, but it will take time and there will be some carnage along the way.”

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How to Measure Branding Campaigns: Conversion Tracking 101

As marketing continues to evolve, we as an industry are being asked to assign value to the actions that our advertising campaigns are driving. As we log and analyze these actions, we begin to assign value to them based on their impact on our overall branding objectives. It is important to not only focus on macro conversions, but also look at the micro conversions – the day-to-day activity that takes place to move your customers through the purchase funnel.
Continue on to read a brief tutorial on conversion tracking for the brand marketer…

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Creating An Integrated Digital Media Experience

Rocky Gunderson, formerly a founder of digital place-based media company SeeSaw Networks, recently opened a consulting company called SierraRock, where his many projects include bringing an innovative new healthcare application to market; helping a content management company expand its U.S. presence; and working with a manufacturing applications company to more effectively define its business strategy.

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The Rise of Next-Gen Marketing

The most exciting change in the world of outsourcing has been the increased focus on services that are based on expertise augmentation and a genuine return on investment (which is why so many people want to use a different terminology).
And when we get into areas right at the cutting edge of revenue generation for clients, such as marketing and media, where clients need access to capabilities they may not currently have to gain a competitive edge, we can see where the future lies for the business services industry. One of our most talented analysts, Reetika Joshi, has been investigating the world of digital media and its major potential for third party services…

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Do's and Don'ts of mobile banner ads for luxury brands

  Read the Entire Story on Luxury Daily 

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Increased Strategy Results in More Agency Opportunities

A recent Digiday article titled, Why Agencies Will Double Down on Strategy, highlights how agencies are increasing their focus on strategy to help clients gain deeper insights into digital opportunities. According to a study conducted by agency-client relationship experts, RSW/US, 76% of agencies now provide strategic services, up from 59 percent in 2009; however, only 16 percent of marketer clients surveyed, say they make use of them. This indicates that there are still hurdles that need to be overcome.

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The Increasing Importance of Having a Mobile Strategy

On May 30th, the venture capitalist Mary Meeker released her latest “Internet Trends” report. The presentation is packed with fantastic stats and charts that are destined to find their way into marketing decks over the next quarter. The presentation does an amazing job of outlining the state of the internet, as well as highlighting the changes that mobile devices and increased connectivity are having on consumer behavior. With a key focus on mobile, the report outlines the massive opportunity that these devices present for advertisers. The report also makes the case that it will simply take time for advertising dollars to follow the massive number of eyeballs that are increasingly moving “mobile.”

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