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Apr 11 2023

Digital Advertising's Carbon Footprint: Where Do We Stand in 2023?

We examine the benefits available to brands that tap into green value pools and actively embrace the sustainability movement.
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Digital Outsourcing Leads to More Opportunities

Last week, HFS published an article entitled “Why today’s outsourcing industry is a sham.” This informative POV tackles some of the perceptions made about outsourcing as a term and outsourcing as an industry.

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CMO as Business Strategist, Local Digital Ad Revenue

How can “CMOs stake their claim as growth drivers within organizations—and not merely ad-campaign custodians?” Forbes recently hosted a CMO as Business Strategist salon, an eye-opening round-table discussion among many influential CMOs.

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Building a Better Future, Digital Innovation & Brand Advocates

Powerful brand experiences create valuable brand advocates, active promoters who recommend brands; these promoters are the means to more revenue. The “would you recommend” question is one that has been heavily relied on by companies to determine growth and profitability, using metrics such as the net promoter score.

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Future of Media, Digital Mistakes and Outsourcing

What is the future of media? “We are witnessing a transformational moment in our industry. We are at the beginning stages where an industry lets go of broken and outdated business models (and processes) in order to be young again and creative about new models and new types of relationships,” as Shawn Riegsecker, CEO of Centro, stated in a recent interview with The Makegood.

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The Paywall Conundrum – To “Wall” or Not to “Wall”

Newspapers have traditionally relied on 80% of their revenue to come from Advertisers while only 20% is generated from print subscriptions. The NAA has reported that newspaper advertising (print and online) has seen a nearly 38% decline from $9.6 billion in the second quarter of 2008 to $6 billion in the second quarter of 2011. It is then no surprise that this has left publishers looking for alternative ways to generate revenue – and it inevitably brings them to the paywall debate.

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Secret to Success = Finding the Right Location and Audience

Read the Entire Story on iMedia Connection

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Five Ways to Ensure Advertisers Achieve Digital ROI

With nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population online, it is a given that advertisers need to take a stake in the digital space. While the digital marketplace offers a plethora of opportunities, it’s important to invest in the right opportunities. The key for advertisers is to ensure their online campaigns are strategically set up for true success, which translates into increased ROI.
Read on for five ways to ensure advertisers get the best return on their digital investment…

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Pros and Cons (and do's and don'ts of using QR Codes)

Read the Entire Story on Local Media Insider 

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Brand Experiences at a Local Level

Last month, Centro’s very own President and Founder, Shawn Riegsecker, led the Retailers Play Small Ball panel discussion at the Digiday: Local conference in New York. The discussion focused on the importance of local and brand marketing particularly from a large retail brand perspective.
Read on for two key takeaways from the discussion…

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