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A conceptual depiction of artificial intelligence (AI)
May 6 2024

Everything We Know About Generative AI Regulation in 2024

Regulations surrounding generative AI are evolving rapidly. Explore the latest laws and guidance, as well as their potential implications for digital advertising teams.
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Strategy Resources

What Oktoberfest Can Teach Advertisers About Crafting a Standout Digital Campaign

Tap into these tips and tactics from the world of brewing beer, then raise a toast to your next digital ad campaign's success!

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Political Connected TV Advertising: Your Guide to This Must-See Opportunity

Does your digital video strategy reach audiences where they view video? Learn the ins and outs of political CTV advertising with this guide.

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The Political Marketer's Guide to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Explore how political marketers can can make the most of the digital out-of-home advertising opportunity in this comprehensive guide.

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School’s In: The New Rules for Successful Higher Education Marketing

Learn how higher ed marketers can mitigate enrollment declines and effectively market their virtual and online programs.

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Convergent TV Advertising During in its Most Dramatic Season Yet

How can advertisers navigate all the change and uncertainty in the TV landscape? We called on two of our experts to find out.

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The Importance of Trust in Financial Services Marketing

Dan Wilson, our VP of Client & Media Services, explores key aspects of digital trust in financial services marketing.

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What can Higher Education Marketers Do About the Enrollment Cliff?

Learn what the college enrollment cliff is, and explore some strategies marketers can use to address the challenges it poses.

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Understanding 4 Key Real Estate Consumer Personas

Everyone needs a home: buyers, renters, investors, even real estate agents. Find expert media strategies & tips for reaching these audiences.

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Understanding the Basics of Bid Shading

We break down some of the lingo surrounding bid shading and explore how it’s applied in the digital advertising industry.

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