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A visual representation of generative AI.
Jul 27 2023

A Skeptic’s Guide to Generative AI

For advertisers still unsure about AI, this one's for you. We cover the risks, ways to mitigate them, and strategies to experiment with this new tech.
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The cross-channel journey, powered by programmatic.

Yesterday we talked about the always addressable consumer and the terms associated with building a cross-channel strategy. So now what? How ...

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The always addressable customer is here, there, and everywhere. Are you?

As we forge ahead into Q3, it’s abundantly clear that digital ad spend will likely exceed the already bullish predictions ...

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Embracing The Live Streaming Revolution

Live streaming is one of the newest opportunities in social sharing. But what is it and should marketers take notice? ...

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Mobile and Programmatic Are a Dominant Combination 

Earlier last week we announced that Centro was teaming up with the AMA to host a webinar, “Essential Tips for Programmatic ...

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RTB Zeitgeist: Finding Creativity In The Age Of Programmatic

Republished from the SiteScout blog. Creativity in the age of programmatic is possible. Programmatic can offer new and exciting creative ...

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Going Green Earns Returns

As we approach the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, one thing remains for certain – consumers want sustainability. Today, they ...

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The Story Your Brand Needs to Tell

In the data-driven world of digital advertising, most marketers aren’t aware of how powerful storytelling can be. We are witnessing ...

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Centro's Holiday Best Practices Guide

We’re rapidly approaching the first holiday of the season and all of us in the media industry are knee-deep in ...

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Can Blogs Show Their Value to Advertisers?

All blogs are not created equal, and some will have the opportunity to drive ad revenue better than others due to their audience, growth, content and sales strategy. For these networks to stand out against others in the marketplace, we have a couple suggestions…

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