May 12 2015
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RTB Zeitgeist: Finding Creativity In The Age Of Programmatic

Republished from the SiteScout blog.

Creativity in the age of programmatic is possible. Programmatic can offer new and exciting creative opportunities thanks to more precision in consumer profiling based on increased behavioural and demographic knowledge.

It’s all about finding a balance between data-driven hyper-targeting and creative intuition informed by psychological and emotional principles, which then drives compelling and resonant brand communications. The need for that human element hasn’t changed. With the power of programmatic, the personal touch can become more pronounced through effective execution.

To that end, creating closer relationships between creative and data teams is a good step in the right direction. Facilitating such a relationship involves ensuring that the right philosophy and mindset is being promoted, as well as technical wherewithal and infrastructure. Also, more platform options means more options for talented staff to exercise their creative muscles.

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Hyperlocal Essentials for the Programmatic Mobile Advertiser

Thanks to the access programmatic technology gives to mobile users, more marketers are able to leverage hyperlocal data in order to target customers. Approximately 44 percent of mobile inventory is location-aware, and that adds up to about seven billion impressions a day. It’s no wonder mobile ad spending is increasing

With the right budget, there are a couple of excellent ways mobile marketers can use hyperlocal data to target people programmatically. They can leverage mobile devices’ unique universal device IDs to identify users based on their behaviour, then serve them retargeted ads on their mobile devices. They can also target based on the physical characteristics of a person’s location, in other words contextual targeting. That data can be used to mine useful insights.

Ultimately, hyperlocal targeting will allow marketers to engage actual people rather than IP addresses.

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Programmatic Advertising is Zooming in on Local – Will News Sites be Ready?

Programmatic ad revenue growth in local publishing is going to turn heads. According to Borrell Associates, which tracks local market spending data, programmatic will more than double its share of total local digital ad revenue by 2020, from 4.7 percent to 10 percent.

According to Borrell, only 13 percent of publishers with at least $1 million in ad revenue don’t participate in programmatic, and one fourth of those who participate get more than 30 percent of their revenue from programmatic.

Local businesses, particularly pure-play community news sites, are starting to look towards capturing some of that programmatic spending for themselves. As Gordon Borrell, Chairman of Borrell Associates said, “For the first time, premium national advertising will be accessible to a little community-news site, which in the past might have settled for slop from Doubleclick or from AdSense’s penny-per-click junk ads.”

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