Jun 17 2015
Basis Technologies

Mobile and Programmatic Are a Dominant Combination 


Earlier last week we announced that Centro was teaming up with the AMA to host a webinar, “Essential Tips for Programmatic Advertising on Mobile.” The webinar went down on Wednesday and covered what’s hot in programmatic mobile trends and opportunity.

Our presenter for the webinar was Noor Naseer, director of mobile at Centro. As indicated by her title, Noor is the resident expert on the mobile space, having watched the technology develop over the years. These days, the interest in both mobile and programmatic is skyrocketing, and Noor reported on the resulting trends in the webinar.

A couple of facts covered:

  • Over the past eight years, ad spend on digital has increased 169%. Most of that money has been spent on mobile.
  • Targeting capabilities on mobile has also significantly increased – getting marketers to their audience faster and more precisely than ever before.
  • Mobile programmatic is the best way to instantly incorporate data layers to not only target your audience, but to stay one step ahead of them with tailored messaging.

Want more? Luckily for those that missed the webinar (and those that are dying to share it), we have the whole thing recorded and ready to view. Enjoy!

Have more questions about mobile programmatic? Head on over to centro.net to get in contact with a Centro DSP rep. We’ll go from handshake to high-five in no time!