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Innovations in Search and Social [November 2023]

Meta's ad-free tier, Google's AI image tools, Amazon's lead gen ads and more feature in this month’s list of search and social news.

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Blog Posts

Programmatic Advertising 101: The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Learn the history behind why programmatic was introduced into the advertising landscape, as well as the benefits it offers.

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The Pressures Driving Marketing’s Data Consolidation Imperative 

We examine five forces converging on marketing and dissect why consolidated data is the key to navigating them all effectively.

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Advertise Ethically with Basis

Learn why Basis has partnered with NOBL, the world's first ethical programmatic advertising solution. 

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Want a Successful, Fulfilled Team? Lead With Humility

These five humility-focused practices are sure to benefit leaders of all kinds.

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Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Blockchain Advertising in 2022

When it comes to DeFi marketing, there are ample opportunities...and several major challenges. He a closer look at a few of them.

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What's the Role of Positivity in the Workplace?

To reflect on one of Basis' guiding principles, Choose Positivity, we asked people across the company for their perspectives on positivity at work.

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4 Quick Tips for Marketing Success in 2022

From decentralized finance to virtual and hybrid experiences, get a head start on what’s going to be important in the upcoming year by checking out Basis’ four quick tips for marketing success in 2022. 

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2021 Roundup: Everything We Published About the Future of Identity in Advertising

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop to help you thoroughly understand the consumer privacy landscape in 2021 and beyond? Start by reviewing the articles below—a comprehensive listing of Basis Technologies’ content focused on identity resolution in 2021. 

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021 

Throughout 2021, Basis Technologies worked to bring you the latest news and insights from the ever-evolving advertising industry. Check out 10 of the articles that most resonated with our readers in 2021. 

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