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Jan 24 2024

Cookieless Advertising for Financial Services Marketers

Financial services marketing expert Julia Hewitt shares how finserv advertisers can adapt to signal loss and the cookieless future.
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Refined Targeting Tactics Reduce CPA by 68% for Financial Services Institution

For one financial services institution, a lack of a forward thinking strategy was deeply prohibitive. Basis Technologies changed all that.

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5 Financial Services Advertising Tips and Tricks

Financial services companies have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reach customers when they’re re-considering their financial institutions of choice.

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4 Trends Shaping Financial Services Marketing

We've compiled the four key trends that will continue to shape banking and financial services in 2021 and beyond.

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Basis Technologies Drives New Banking Accounts

A growing, multi-location bank teamed up with Basis Technologies to strategically target prospects to drive application volume. Learn more.

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Vertical Viewpoint: Conquering Challenges as a Finance Brand

Nearly every business was hit hard during the pandemic, and for finance brands, this was no exception. How have the most successful of finance businesses adapted over the last year, and what can brands in this vertical do to optimize their advertising and business practices?

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SEM for Financial Services: Everything You Need to Know

Do you manage SEM for financial services? Read our in-depth guide on how to improve search engine marketing for the financial services industry.

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Baby Boomers: A Realtor's Dream

We recently touched on the magnitude of Baby Boomers both in terms of population as well as in buying power. ...

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