Apr 2021
Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies Drives New Banking Accounts

A growing, multi-location bank brand needed to strategically target prospects to drive application volume in a competitive and saturated market within the industry.


Grow application volume by 25% and improve cost per acquisition by 27% YOY.


  • Aggressive profitability goals
  • Limited budget
  • Saturated market of the banking industry
  • Pressure from national financial institutions

Basis Technologies Solutions

The media activation & strategy team's first step was analyzing historical campaign performance to discover optimizations for flighting, partner selection and measurement. Next, audiences and product trends were examined for insights on future strategies. Digital strategies were aligned with traditional efforts to ensure a holistic measurement of their customer journey.


Applications: 130% increase in volume

CPA: 37% reduction in CPA vs. 27% goal

Target Audience: Built target audience based on consumer behavior

Education: Thought leadership prepared the client for future success in programmatic buying


VP of Marketing, Banking Application

"Partnering with Basis Technologies has allowed us to increase our bandwidth and stay nimble as our organization grows. I like the fact that we have a team of field experts who understand the goals of our business, dedicated to driving digital performance for our company. Their data-driven approach and learnings allow us to make decisions and strategic adjustments with confidence. Basis Technologies is no longer a vendor to us, they truly are a part of our team."


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