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Jul 29 2022

What is Connected TV Advertising?

Here's what you should know about how connected TV advertising works, as well as what the benefits are for digital advertisers.
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Multiscreen Adoption – Who’s in Control?

The Olympic ceremonies have come and gone; medals have been won, and the live-streamed online content at is up and running. Although the Opening Ceremonies were shown on a tape delay, much to the chagrin of the Twittersphere, they were the most-watched opening ceremonies of any Olympics drawing 40.7 million viewers.

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TV/Video Integration, Organization and Efficiency

Online video’s ad spending growth is predicted to outstrip TV’s growth through 2016. Despite this growth, TV and online video advertising are slowly moving towards integration. Why?

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Effects of Venture Capitalists, Channel Integration Boosts

The current state of online advertising represents vast possibilities for advertisers. However, this land of opportunity is also accompanied with considerable chaos, which presents advertisers with challenges along the way. A recent Forbes article highlights one of the key contributors to confusion – venture capitalists. So, what is the solution for advertisers?

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The Addictive, Digital Way of Life

Emerging technologies are expanding and overflowing into our daily lives. Today, most people do not distinguish between online display, video, mobile, internet radio, and digital-out-of-home channels. Instead, these emerging channels are automatically integrated into everyday routines, often simultaneously, to create an addictive, digital way of life. Mobile, video, and internet radio channels are just a few of the emerging technologies that are exploding in adoption and advertising growth.

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Alignment with Screens, Digital Execution and Smartphones

It’s not about traditional and digital channels anymore. Instead, it’s simply more screens. Now more than ever, it’s important to align all of these screens. According to a recent eMarketer article, nearly half of brand advertisers and agencies feel that online video is most appropriately aligned with TV, while 40% believe online video should be more aligned with display advertising.

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How Digital Inclusion Can Rock an Auto Television Ad

Question: What do you get when you mix People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman (JLO), a luxurious, yet simple Italian car, catchy party music, a flash mob of crazed and smitten men and four simple, sticky lines?

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