Jun 7 2012
Basis Team

Effects of Venture Capitalists, Channel Integration Boosts

  • The current state of online advertising represents vast possibilities for advertisers. However, this land of opportunity is also accompanied with considerable chaos, which presents advertisers with challenges along the way. A recent Forbes article highlights one of the key contributors to confusion – venture capitalists. So, what is the solution for advertisers? It’s finding the partnership that cuts through the clutter and offers empowerment via scalability, efficiency, brand protection, growth, and creativity. Read More: Online Advertisers’ Worst Enemy: Venture Capitalists
  • With the explosion of media channels and technologies, there are more opportunities, and these can often be amplified with channel integration. According to a new study, mobile ad engagement rates can be improved by 35% with the addition of video. Along with increased engagement, marketers have the ability to reinforce their brands to create even stronger connections with their audience. Read More: Study: Video Boosts Mobile Ad Engagement Rates
  • According to the Pew Research Center, nearly three-quarters (72%) of adults are local news enthusiasts, following subjects such as weather, breaking news, politics, crime and schools/education. This group is more likely than other adults to follow 12 out of 16 local news topics. These findings uncover local opportunities for marketers, particularly among a loyal audience with high traffic potential. Read More: 72% – Most Americans Follow Local News Closely