Aug 3 2012
Basis Team

Online Ad Targeting Based on TV Programs and the U.S. Claims the Mobile Ad Market

  • Traditional media meets digital media to improve online ad targeting and relevancy, according to a recent AdAge article. A new product released by Datalogix, a data company, aims to let digital ad buyers target ads to people online based on the shows they watch on TV. It matches TV viewing data along with demographic and purchase-behavior data based on TV households, and then matches it up with online cookies. Is this a step forward in integrating traditional and digital media efforts? Read More: Web Ads Target Based On What You Watched On TV
  • According to eMarketer, spending on mobile internet advertising in the U.S. will top all other countries for the first time this year. It will grow 96.6% to $2.29 billion in 2012, up from $1.16 billion last year. While mobile marketing is quickly growing, it is still a very young category. This rapid growth further shows the value and need for advertisers to incorporate mobile alongside other marketing efforts. Read More: US on Track to Become Top Mobile Ad Market