Jun 15 2012
Basis Team

TV/Video Integration, Organization and Efficiency

  • Online video’s ad spending growth is predicted to outstrip TV’s growth through 2016. Despite this growth, TV and online video advertising are slowly moving towards integration. Why?  According to eMarketer, “the growing online video audience, and its devotion to watching ever more content online favors integration. But the forces arrayed against it are also strong, including the fear of cannibalization, the inability of content owners to sell sufficient ad loads online, the complexity of buying and measuring digital ads, and, of course, simple inertia.” How can the industry advance forward? Read More: TV and Online Video Advertising Slow to Integrate
  • “The success of all of these things tends to directly correlate to how well you organize, drive efficiency and apply technique,” as stated in a recent Mediapost article. Conversely, “if you work in slop you tend to produce slop.” As the industry continues to transform, it’s important to find ways to scale and become more efficient, while keeping a keen eye on creativity and strategy to avoid any encounters with the dreaded “slop.” Effective software is just one way media professionals can help produce better creative, better strategies and better results. What are other ways to drive success? Read More: If You Work In Slop, You Tend To Produce Slop