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A visual representation of generative AI.
Jul 27 2023

A Skeptic’s Guide to Generative AI

For advertisers still unsure about AI, this one's for you. We cover the risks, ways to mitigate them, and strategies to experiment with this new tech.
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Gen Z Technology Habits and Media Consumption by the Numbers

We take a look at where Gen Z technology and media use stand today and how they are predicted to evolve over the coming years.

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Climate Change and Sustainability Advertising: Tips, Dos, and Don’ts for Digital Marketers

With consumers increasingly looking to corporations for leadership on the climate crisis, the old methods of green marketing just aren’t good enough.

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SXSW Reflections: Brands Can’t Afford Inauthenticity

According to SXSW speakers representing US and global brands across industries, authenticity is a brand attribute that companies must be more conscientious and intentional about.

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Programmatic Advertising in 2022: 7 Trends to Know

From the rise of CTV and audio to a renewed emphasis on creative, we explore the predominant trends in the programmatic arena.

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How Marketers Can Build and Maintain Brand Loyalty

In today's cutthroat environment, marketers will need to embrace new tools and strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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Frictionless Future: 2022 Trends Report

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Read through these trends to know and watch as you strategize for a successful 2022.

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5 Compelling Examples of Financial Services Advertisements (And Why They Work)

Despite working under a cloud of regulatory obstacles, financial services advertisements don’t have to be drab. Here’s the proof.

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Should You Be Advertising During a Supply Chain Crisis?

See why businesses would be wise to continue advertising through any supply chain crisis.

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Dynamic Creative Optimization: What is DCO & How Does It Work?

Dynamic Creative Optimization, or DCO, is a streamlined tool that enhances a marketing team’s productivity when used properly.

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