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Friends at a cookout
May 24 2023

Who the Digital Advertising Channels Would Be at a Holiday Cookout

What kind of person would each digital advertising channel be at a cookout? We've done the research, and are here to share our findings.
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Audio Resources

Ad Exchange Arbitragers, Internet Radio and Banner Ads

Publishers are currently facing challenges with the current ad exchange ecosystem, primarily due to data leakage. We recently shared our thoughts on how to alleviate this uncertainty by protecting publisher audience data, which can sometimes be bought and sold by exchanges without publisher consent.

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Internet Radio is on the Rise – Can Consumers Hear You?

The demand for internet radio is growing, which means so are the opportunities for brands. This week, TargetSpot released new information highlighting the penetration of internet radio; it’s currently reaching 42% of adult U.S. broadband households. That’s up 8% from 2011. What is even more encouraging is that engagement is incredibly high as well – 80% of users are listening for one to three hours per day.

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Listen Up: Importance of Streaming Audio

With nearly 40% of the US population now regularly listening to Streaming Audio, it is clear this medium can no longer be considered ‘optional’ by advertisers who employ broadcast radio in their media mix. Beyond the opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers through an additional touch point, the true value of Streaming Audio comes through the increase in brand awareness, ad recall and – most importantly – ad response!

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