May 16 2012
Basis Team

Ad Exchange Arbitragers, Internet Radio and Banner Ads

  • Publishers are currently facing challenges with the current ad exchange ecosystem, primarily due to data leakage. We recently shared our thoughts on how to alleviate this uncertainty by protecting publisher audience data, which can sometimes be bought and sold by exchanges without publisher consent. Additionally, we focus on permitting premium inventory only and offering more publisher control. Read More: Centro Throws Down Gauntlet to Ad Exchange Arbitragers
  • The demand for internet radio is growing, which means so are the opportunities for brands. TargetSpot released new information highlighting the penetration of internet radio; it’s currently reaching 42% of adult U.S. broadband households (up 8% from 2011). By incorporating streaming audio into the digital marketing mix, advertisers are presented with additional consumer touch-points and more opportunities to reinforce branding. Read More: Internet Radio is on the Rise – Can Consumers Hear You?
  • What does the future look like for banner ads? A recent Digiday article opens this question up to many industry experts. We also decided to weigh in with our thoughts…Banner ads will not die anytime soon. In fact, there is great opportunity for growth, given the right direction. Publishers need to focus on enhanced ways of presenting content and the advertising that accompanies it, so that branding campaigns can scale and connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Additionally, advertisers need to continue to tap their creative and strategic roots to engage with consumers. Read More: The Great Banner Ad Debate

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