Basis User Study Report: How Basis Simplifies Digital Advertising

The digital media campaign process is in-depth, complex, and relentless. Today, marketers are spending too much time on small, repetitive tasks—time they could be spending on things like media strategy, education, and innovation.

It can be difficult to understand how the right media platform can impact a team’s day-to-day and overall output. So we partnered with Directions Research to study how Basis can help marketers simplify and save time throughout the campaign process.

Among the findings: 

  • 80% of users agree Basis makes their job easier
  • 77% of users agree Basis helps them move from planning to activation faster 
  • Basis users complete campaign-related tasks 22% faster vs. other media platforms

Want to learn more about how Basis can help save you time? Download the Basis User Study Report today.

How Basis Simplifies Digital Advertising report cover

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