1o8 Agency partnered with Basis Technologies to launch an awareness campaign with the state of Illinois, Illinois Cares for Kids, and the Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development. Interviews identified various causes for low enrollment in publicly-funded early childhood development programs, such as parental concerns of illness exposure and computer inaccessibility in low-income homes.






“We are happy to report that all industry benchmarks were met across formats. With Basis Technologies powering our campaign, we effectively spread the word, generated an immense number of impressions and successfully drove traffic to the site."

- Gabi Nonneman, Account Supervisor, 1o8 Agency


1o8 Agency is a full-service marketing agency based in Chicago that specializes in delivering innovative and results-driven marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a team of experts in branding, digital marketing, social media, content creation, and more, 1o8 Agency is committed to helping their clients enhance their brand, engage with their audience, and drive measurable results.

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Bailey Lauerman, a full-service agency, understood that digital media plays a crucial role in achieving marketing success. While the agency's digital planning and buying services were already robust, its leadership team recognized the need to find an adtech partner to help them stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape and execute their sophisticated and strategic plans.

The Ask

The Solution

Bailey Lauerman expresses high satisfaction with Basis' technology and support they receive from their Basis team. The following are some notable features that Bailey Lauerman values:

The Results

Meet Bailey Lauerman

Bailey Lauerman is a full-service agency that has been recognized by the Effie Effectiveness Index as one of the Top 10 Most Effective Independent Agencies in the nation, was awarded “Small Agency of the Year” by Advertising Age and has been named one of “20 Small Agencies that Punch Above Their Weight,” in Forbes. The agency has earned national recognition for its work with top brands including Disney, Union Pacific, Bosch, Panda Express, UnitedHealthcare and The Smithsonian.

“Basis has positively impacted our entire organization. It has enabled our team to increase productivity, improve campaign performance, and dedicate more time to strategic planning, proactive media ideas, research and pitching new business.”

- Megan Storm, Head of Media, Bailey Lauerman

Recognizing the importance of digital media in modern marketing strategies, Dalton Agency sought a reliable adtech partner to keep up with the fast-paced digital landscape. After careful consideration, they transitioned their digital media business exclusively to Basis Technologies.

By partnering with Basis, Dalton Agency aimed to:


Digital Media Expertise: 

Thought Leadership: 

Raving Fan Service: 



Dalton Agency is a communications and branding agency that caters to clients of all sizes and industries worldwide. They specialize in reaching out to audiences through various channels, whether it's online, offline, or in-person, and have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes.

“Our team sees Basis Technologies as an integral part of our operations. What we highly appreciate about our partnership is the insightful guidance, exceptional campaign results, and unwavering focus on precision and accuracy.

- Carly Bauer, SVP, Paid Media at Dalton Agency

Before beginning their relationship with Basis in June 2022, the international award-winning Nue Vodka brand owned and distilled by Southwest Spirits was positioning itself to become one of the most well-known vodka brands in the Dallas Fort Worth area. After establishing themselves as a premium, yet affordable vodka in DFW, this client's subsequent goal was to gain market share in the vodka category in markets where there was a greater need for brand awareness.

Basis’ Managed Services team first conducted thorough market and consumer research to validate assumptions about spirits sales, consumption frequency among U.S. adults, and ad spend patterns among alcohol brands. Basis then provided Nue Vodka with an awareness strategy designed to help the brand reach its growth goals and paired it with an analysis comparing its sales in different markets. Ultimately, Basis’ digital media execution correlated with 27% higher average daily sales. In response to the positive business results, the vodka brand doubled its ad spend.





Digital marketing client finds laser-sharp targeting and cost savings when switching to Basis DSP.




Basis had much stronger audience segmentation capabilities. Our client found targeting segments to be much easier and was impressed with our extensive PMP deals library.


This client is a digital marketing agency in the higher education industry. Over the past seven years, they’ve generated more than $2 billion in revenue for over 100 clients. Their primary advertising goals are getting qualified leads, driving conversions, and reaching high-intent audiences that are interested in continued education whether it be college or post-graduate programs.

"Basis to me is the clear WIN. In the first month, we delivered a better CPL on retargeting on Basis. MediaMath has had plenty of time to mature and is on average delivering higher CPL, with Basis retargeting CPL at $89 and MediaMath at $172." - SVP of Media and Development

To improve revenue and increase sales, Popl—the leading digital business card platform—adopted artificial intelligence for its dynamic retargeting campaigns. ROAS increased by 133%.​


Popl wanted to find a sustainable strategy that would support scaling both its B2C business and B2B product, Popl Teams, while efficiently improving revenue, product sales, and return on ad spend.​


Working with its growth marketing agency, Accelerated Digital Media, Popl improved its dynamic retargeting performance by:​


Through this new strategy, Popl saw how artificial intelligence could unlock a deeper understanding of their audience, which it leveraged to run more efficient targeting campaigns. The team achieved: ​

The agility, automation, and data transparency offered by Basis adds up to major cost saving for marketers.
The digital media ecosystem is full of complexity, and onboarding a new software solution that automates and consolidates digital media can be daunting. But it can also drive business outcomes.

In a new study we commissioned, we asked Forrester Consulting to independently quantify the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of in-housing with Basis to help enterprises decide if our technology is right for them.

Based on customer interviews, independent analyses, and financial modeling, Forrester estimates that a composite company using Basis could generate benefits that amount to a net present value of $5.4 million USD over 3 years, representing an estimated 48% ROI. The study is packed with insights on the value that enterprises are realizing with Basis. These benefits include:

One Digital Marketing Director in the Electronics field had this to say to Forrester about Basis:

“Our total advertising budget has increased because our executives have more faith in Centro. Access to Basis provides a lot more transparency to be able to judge whether our spending is cost-effective. We took a gamble by increasing our spend with them because we knew we’d be able to see those results. I’d probably say our investment has been twice as effective.”

To learn how the quantified and qualified Basis benefits can apply to you, read the report.

Disclaimer: The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of In-Housing with Basis is a July 2021 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Centro.

Hut-hut-HIKE! Super Bowl LIV is going live on February 2nd, 2020. It's the ultimate face-off between two of the best professional football teams of the season, and the ultimate opportunity for brands to reach millions of viewers.

The Super Bowl is more than just a football game held on the first Sunday in February each year—it’s a cultural event with a live audience unmatched by any other TV program. Millions look forward to the festivities with family and friends, a halftime performance with some of the biggest names in music, and of course, the high-profile commercial ads, commonly known as Super Bowl ads. According to Statista's Super Bowl Survey, these ads are viewers’ second favorite thing about the Super Bowl experience. But the cost of that viewership isn’t cheap: This year, the going rate for a prime, in-game 30-second ad costs between $5-5.6 million and $2-3 million for an ad run during pre- and post-game coverage.

Several brand newbies will be making their Super Bowl debut this year, including Facebook, Sabra, and Kellogg's Pop-Tarts. They’ll be joining regulars like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Avocados from Mexico, Coca-Cola Co., and Audi, to name a few. The game will also get political, with President Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaigns both buying 60 seconds of ad time.

For brands with widespread name recognition and huge advertising budgets, the decision to advertise at this particular event can be a no-brainer. Brands promote their products during the game to take advantage of the massive viewership that allows them to market to millions of viewers at one time. It's an opportunity to flex their muscles and boost brand awareness, image, and consideration with a one-of-a-kind story that will undoubtedly be talked about for days or weeks past the big game.

However, there are not many companies and advertising agencies that can afford such a large expenditure. After all, $5 million is just the starting point for an ad during Super Bowl. Outside of the price to reserve ad space with the network, the cost for creative development, production, talent, teaser trailer, and more, can make the price of a Super Bowl ad skyrocket. While Linear TV has been critical to the success of the Super Bowl's growing popularity since it first televised in 1967, Advanced TV has recently emerged as a disruptive force.

Forward-thinking marketers and media professionals are now exploring Advanced TV and its benefits as an alternative to Linear. Here are 4 leading benefits:

Advanced TV gives viewers the experience they want: convenience, affordability, premium content, and improved customer support. Viewers watch what they want, when they want, across multiple platforms and devices. In 2019, eMarketer stated that by 2023, 56.1 million U.S. households will no longer have Linear TV and access video entertainment via a digital package. In comparison, 72.7 million households will have Linear TV.

Advanced TV is currently one of the fastest-growing channels in advertising, however, it’s not without growing pains. Advanced TV campaigns require a high level of digital intelligence and adaptability to execute. Luckily, Centro's Basis helps both marketers and media professionals plan, buy, analyze and streamline digital advertising, in order to execute the best-performing TV campaigns.

Looking to explore Advanced TV and premium live programming for your 2020 strategy? Game on! Learn more about Connected TV Advertising with Centro.