How Basis Became the Foundation of Innovative Ad Agency Subset Media

Meet Subset Media

Subset Media, formerly known as Variant, is different by design. As an end-to-end digital agency, Subset specializes in creative and media services and ties them together with the thread of meaningful human connection. To Subset, “meaningful human connection” is more than a marketing strategy—their modern business model is founded on making a positive social impact and the agency donates hours, media, and money to community initiatives.

The Challenge

After founding and subsequently selling his first media company, Matt Parker set out to build something different in the media world—an agency whose margins yield social good. He put together a team of passionate media and creative experts, but Matt needed a platform that could enable Subset to live up to their potential and make the impact they were capable of.

The Solution

Subset had specific needs for their future digital ad tech: ​

  • Comprehensive media buying platform​
  • Centralized analytics pulled in from multiple channels​
  • Easy delivery management that automates low-value tasks​
  • Scalable platform that can support Subset as it grows

The Outcomes

Basis has enabled Subset's team to get out of the weeds and deliver on those meaningful human connections. “Basis has literally everything. We have third-party data lists, a massive amount of different vendors, private marketplace deals, and a ton of partnerships that are available from day one. We don’t have multiple ad tech vendors—it’s all in Basis.”


The Key Features for Subset

Complete Software

  • Planning tools​
  • Buying tools​
  • Integrated DSP​
  • Simple workflow​
  • Tools for organization and account management​
  • Performance and delivery tools

Training & Education

  • Strong onboarding plan​
  • Dedicated customer success manager​
  • Ongoing education

Access to Inventory

  • Vendor directory​
  • Library of Private Deals


Matt Parker, Founder, Subset Media:

"Basis was just a complete system. It was easy to use. At the time, all I wanted to do was put a piece of software in front of team and have them say, ‘we love it.’ Fortunately, we didn’t to go through tons of options to figure out that Basis was a great fit for us."


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