Dec 20 2021
Clare McKinley

4 Quick Tips for Marketing Success in 2022


We get it: the end and the beginning of the calendar year are high-pressure, fast-moving times. Not only are you monitoring big-budget holiday campaigns for your clients and setting goals for the year ahead—you're also scrambling to secure everything on your holiday gift list (during a supply chain crisis, no less) and checking the latest recommendations on how to gather safely with family and friends. 

It’s a lot—so we won’t waste any more of your precious time. Get a head start on what’s going to be important in the upcoming year by checking out Basis’ four quick tips for marketing success in 2022. 

1. Explore New Solutions to Prepare for a Cookieless Future 

Our industry is experiencing a purgatory of sorts. While the cookieless future hasn’t yet arrived, data privacy is top-of-mind and marketers must begin transitioning to new identifiers. The key now is to stay informed—understand how cookie loss will impact your media performance, explore new identity solutions, and test alternate solutions to learn how they’ll impact campaign goals. 

2. Continue Education Around Emerging Decentralized Finance Applications 

Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs present enormous opportunities for marketers. DeFi has the potential to eliminate some of the biggest areas of friction in the world of advertising, including consumer privacy, ad fraud, and time-consuming manual processes. Don’t ignore this area of innovation just because of any weird headlines you may have seen—in the coming years, it could revolutionize the marketing space. 

3. Promote New Virtual and Hybrid Experiences

Consumers now expect a seamless experience—be it virtual, in-person, or a blend of both. As big tech invests heavily in the metaverse, more and more brands (including Walmart, Burberry, and IKEA) are tapping into augmented reality (AR) to facilitate engaging customer experiences. In 2022, we recommend evaluating your customer journeys and thinking about how virtual and hybrid offerings can reduce points of friction. 

4. Leverage the Strengths of Your Brand’s Heartbeat

Against the backdrop of a global health crisis, the Great Resignation, and the supply chain crisis, it’s increasingly important for brands to demonstrate their values, community, and culture—and customers expect it. In 2022, advertisers should evaluate their “brand heartbeats”—a term that encompasses both customer experience and brand ethos—to foster genuine connections with their audiences.  


For an in-depth analysis of each of these four trends, check out our 2022 Trends: Our Frictionless Future webinar.

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