Dec 15 2021
Clare McKinley

2021 Roundup: Everything We Published About the Future of Identity in Advertising


2021 was a banner year for consumer privacy.  

Since the twenty-teens, the increasing consumer skepticism of tracking and targeting technologies, coupled with privacy protection measures taken by government bodies and tech companies, has felt like a slow but steady trickle.  

In contrast, 2021 opened the floodgates. In January, Google announced public testing of its Privacy Sandbox initiative. In April, Apple released iOS 14.5, granting iPhone users the ability to opt out of app tracking. In June, Google adjusted their timeline for phasing out third-party cookies.  

As consumers, tech companies, and government regulators continue to create the new normal of privacy in advertising, there’s a lot for advertisers to track and consider. If you're looking for a one-stop-shop to help you thoroughly understand the consumer privacy landscape in 2021 and beyond, start by reviewing the articles below—a comprehensive listing of Basis’ identity-related content from 2021. 

Editor’s note: Basis Technologies rebranded from Centro in October 2021.   

1. AdTech Fitness: The Future of Identity Without Third-Party Cookies 

Check out this visual explanation of consumer privacy issues and solutions within the advertising industry.

2. Identity Crisis: Embracing the Future of Privacy

In this Basis Institute webinar, Basis CEO Shawn Riegsecker and IAB Tech Lab’s Alex Cone weigh in on how marketers can harness forthcoming changes to consumer privacy. 

3. 3 Questions About the Future of Identity (with Alex Cone)

Senior Director of Product Management at the IAB Tech Lab, Alex Cone, answers three broad questions about the future of identity. 

4. Are You Asking the Right Questions About the Future of Identity?

Basis’ General Counsel, Derek Zolner, discusses frameworks for how marketers should—and shouldn’t—think about the future of consumer privacy. 

5. Embracing the Identity Crisis: A Note From Centro’s CEO  

Basis CEO Shawn Riegsecker penned this open letter to the industry in March, explaining why shifts in consumer privacy are opportunities to better ourselves as marketers.  

6. Considering Cookie Loss (with Pedro Pavón)

In this episode of AdTech Unfiltered, Pedro Pavón, who oversees privacy, data policy, and advertising at Facebook, shares his views on consumer privacy laws and how advertisers should plan for a cookieless future. 

7. 3 Things to Know About the Future of Privacy

Check out these three key points that marketers must understand in order to plan effectively for the future of identity. 

8. The Cookieless World: New Identity Solutions

Learn about three groups working toward innovative identity solutions.  

9. The Death of Third-Party Cookies: How We Got Here

Looking to understand the history of consumer privacy? Take a walk down memory lane to learn how we got to where we are now. 

10. Prep Your DSP, Social, and Search Campaigns for iOS 14 and Third-Party Cookie Loss

Here’s everything you can do to prepare your DSP, social, and search campaigns for the iOS14 and the loss of third-party cookies.  

11. Identity 2.0: What’s Next After Third-Party Cookies

In this Basis Institute webinar, Basis’ Director of Media Systems, Ken Rood, offers specific action plans for how to prepare programmatic, search, and social campaigns for a future with different identifiers. 

12. Will Google FLoC Replace Third-Party Cookies?

Is Google FLoC the replacement for third-party cookies that advertisers have been searching for?

13. Beyond Third-Party Cookies: Your Guide to Overcoming the Identity Crises

A comprehensive guide to understanding and planning for a future with different identifiers. 

14. Centro on Google’s Plan to Delay Third-Party Cookie Blocking

When news broke that Google was delaying the implementation of third-party cookie blocking in Chrome until late 2023, Basis’ VP of Product Marketing, Aubrey Lehrmann, penned a response on what the development means for our industry.  

15. 5 Recommendations on How Marketers Can Succeed in a Privacy-First Future

Five quick tips for succeeding in a privacy-first future. 

16. Test Cookieless Targeting...Now! (with Angelina Eng)

In this episode of AdTech Unfiltered, Angelina Eng, VP of Addressability and Measurement at the IAB, shares her thoughts on the technical maneuvers that advertisers must take on to navigate a rapidly approaching future with far fewer reliable identifiers. 

17. Navigating Identity and Addressability Without Third-Party Cookies

In this Basis Institute webinar featuring LiveRamp’s Travis Clinger, learn what it means to build first-party relationships with consumers and why it is imperative to create an ecosystem built on trust.  

18. Programmatic I/O 2021: Takeaways on Identity and Contextual Targeting

The discussions at this year’s Programmatic I/O event focused largely on one theme: identity solutions for the cookieless world.  

19. Three Types of Identity Solutions to Consider in a Cookieless World

For the most part, current identity solutions fall into three categories: Addressable identity solutions, contextual advertising, and cohorts/Google’s Privacy Sandbox. This piece discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each category. 


As 2022 brings new developments in identity resolution, Basis Technologies will continue to publish analyses, recommendations, and thought leadership to keep marketers in-the-know. Here's to the privacy-first future!