Mar 19 2021
Ryan Manchee

3 Questions About the Future of Identity (with Alex Cone)


The topic at the forefront of marketers' minds these days is identity. How will our industry function in a post-cookie world? If anything's clear, it's that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't exist (yet). 

To better understand how changes in identity will impact marketers moving forward, we reached out to Alex Cone, Senior Director of Product Management at the IAB Tech Lab.

Read on for his answers to our top three questions about the future of identity:

Ryan Manchee: What's the most important thing for brands to know about the changes in identity?

Alex Cone: There’s no silver bullet—a portfolio strategy is demanded. It’s time for brands to engage with the industry on privacy, data protection, and identity standards.

RM: What's the most important thing for agencies to know about the changes in identity?

AC: Brands expect agencies to know what’s going on, and to be prepared to deploy a range of new tactics. Don’t fall for unsustainable workarounds.

RM: How can marketers prepare for the massive changes coming to the landscape this year?

AC: Lean in. Don’t wait for the experts to come to you—reach out and engage with them yourself. If a solution sounds too good to be true (i.e. a silver bullet) then it most likely is.

Learn more about the future of identity in our upcoming webinar on March 31: Identity Crisis: Embracing the Future of Privacy.