Wednesday, Nov 18th 2020
Ryan Manchee

Technology and Talent in Agencies of the Future


Jay Pattisall

Principal Analyst, Forrester

After weathering a significant drop in marketing spend, the loss of thousands of agency jobs, and radical shifts in production and remote work, agency and technology professionals are seeing a comeback.

But don’t expect agencies and clients to get back to business as usual. Agencies will swarm their talent with more technology and automation to make smarter marketing decisions and facilitate stronger partnerships.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst and former agency executive Jay Pattisall, for a conversation about how agencies and marketers will evolve their relationships and performance in 2021 and beyond.

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Jay Pattisall

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jay is Forrester’s expert on creative, media, marketing, and in-house agencies. His research explores the future of the agency sector, in-housing, media, and creativity. He helps CMOs and business leaders make sense of the complex and ever-changing services landscape surrounding advertising, marketing, and consumer engagement.