Mar 3 2015
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RTB Zeitgeist: How To Get Started With Programmatic Display Advertising


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There are a many reasons why it’s the perfect time to get into programmatic display advertising. Only a few companies are using it, so there’s less competition. Also, the companies that build a strategy to dive into programmatic are the most successful. If you find an agency with transparent fee structures, you’ll be in a better spot than your competition. Ultimately, the technology might be complex, but the payoff’s significant.

Get Started with Programmatic Display Advertising

To get started, first you need to find a demand-side platform with substantial inventory. Develop a thorough understanding of your target market. Make sure to disseminate that knowledge throughout your organization. Find partners with feasible costs of service. Next, build specific audiences to target. Then, optimize strategically, and there are a number of ways to do that, including testing ad frequency, segmenting audiences into finer demographic sets, testing different site placements, and testing the time of day.

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Major Canadian Media Outlets Join Automated Digital Ad Group

The number of large Canadian media companies that are a part of the Canadian Premium Audience Index (CPAX) recently grew by four. Postmedia Network Canada, Yellow Pages Ltd, Halifax-based newspaper The Chronicle Herald and DHX Television have joined CPAX, with the intention of making sure more people see the ads placed on their respective websites.

CPAX came about as a result of the rise of real-time bidding, writes Globe & Mail’s Susan Krashinsky. It makes ad inventory on its members’ webpages available for purchase programmatically, restricting access to a limited number of agencies, buy-side platforms and other intermediaries in order to ensure transparency. CPAX also intends to provide a measure for ad viewability, which is currently a predominant industry concern.

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Programmatic Adds a New Level of Mobile Personalisation

Sony Mobile is using wearable tech as its key for unlocking the performance potential of programmatic advertising. While wearable tech is still a fledgling advertising channel, the company believes that it will help to adjust programmatic to the ins-and-outs of the mobile space.

In an interview with The Drum, Nick Buckley, head of digital media and mobile marketing at Sony Mobile, said it was risky to ignore programmatic and the impact it will have on how the company trades and operates in the mobile ad space. He added that he’s looking forward to leveraging programmatic to deliver more relevant creative based on a user’s experience, and how they engage with the brand.

Buckley also noted that the opportunity to personalize content based on the different types of user journey (and touch points associated with the brand) is “huge.”

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