DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (March 2019)


At Centro, we know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time-consuming. To make that easier, we’ve compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Enjoy our latest list below!

To protect its business, Kroger is building an Amazon-style flywheel [:08]

Kroger is in a race for reinvention, one made more complicated by Amazon—with traditional retail being squeezed and customers slowly shifting online, they’re on a mission to reformat stores and provide pick-up and delivery options. This will allow them to drive more online business, bring in more online advertising revenue, and invest more in online-offline capabilities.

How Can We Move To A Programmatic-First Future? [:04]

What will it take for the advertising industry to take a ‘programmatic-first’ approach to all media buying? This article sheds light on the benefits for agencies, advertisers, publishers—and what the industry must do to make it happen.

LiveRamp Adds Connected TV Identity Solution [:04]

LiveRamp announced that they will be expanding the capabilities of IdentityLink to include Connected TV. Consumers will benefit from a consistent brand experience across TV, over-the-top and digital, while marketers will be able to offer more measurable, people-based CTV campaigns.

A Funnel Thing Happened On The Way To A Converged Video Marketplace [:02]

Advertiser Perceptions is reporting that TV is being valued at the bottom of the marketing funnel due to increases in digital backchannels and data. This report found that marketers and agency executives are utilizing advanced TV platforms for lower-funnel functions such as sales, conversions, leads and other actions.

Advertisers Now Pay More for Facebook Users' Attention [:03]

If time is money, then Facebook is pushing the limits of relativity when it comes to time spent and the revenue they’re earning per user. For each hour that a U.S. adult spent on Facebook on mobile last year, advertising revenue was $0.73—about 35% more than the prior year.

Voice marketing is a looming opportunity, but not without its pitfalls [:06]

Hitting the sale of $1 billion in devices just last year, there has yet to be a smart voice assistant with voice ads on their platform. This article details a variety of key concerns that marketers should be aware of, including customer profile disparity and overreliance on vendors to propel an offering into the market.

Programmatic Audio Exchange DAX Inks Deal To Offer Voice-Enabled Ads [:03]

European radio giant, Global’s digital ad exchange has signed a deal with voice-activated ads company Instreamatic.ai. This partnership will allow Global’s DAX to place ads with verbal prompts in streaming mobile audio apps like TuneIn, Bauer Media’s KissFM and AccuRadio.

Oracle Didn’t See the Data Reckoning Coming [:05]

Over the last five years, Oracle has led acquisitions totaling over $3 billion quickly becoming a massive name in advertising. However, its Data Cloud division has faced challenges delivering on that investment bringing in around 1.25% of the company’s total revenue.

Data Finds Link Between Local Search, DOOH [:02]

Marketers are starting to see connections between digital out-of-home interactive screens and search engine advertising. They are seeing a direct correlation between proximity to a DOOH campaign and an increase in Google My Business interactions, with the use of data.

Machine Learning Is A Key Component In Managing Mobile Advertising [:06]

Mobile advertising highlights its own short list of challenges unique in the digital space relative to desktop. Read about what machine learning can do to address issues related to app-based advertising, updates in location-based advertising, and more advanced ad fraud detection.