Mar 28 2022

An Interview With Christine Kim From Basis Technologies

"In today’s complex digital advertising industry, there’s no time to waste on trivial low value tasks. Time is money, and if your marketing agency isn’t using some form of workflow automation, you’ll struggle to keep up with competitors who are. Basis Technologies is the leading global provider of workflow automation, and their educational platform, Basis Institute, offers professionals free valuable resources to refine their skills and stay ahead of industry trends.

Recognized as the Best Education Tool in 2021 by AdExchanger, Basis Institute’s free certification program is just one of the many courses available for advertising professionals. Other topics include digital media essentials, social media, direct buying, and programmatic advertising. We chatted with Christine Kim from Basis Institute to learn more about why it’s so important for marketing professionals to stay abreast of the latest tools and technologies for automation."

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