"The clandestine swapping out of IDs in cookieless environments without consent hampers the campaign performance, data shows. Go figure. These practices, dubbed ID spoofing, have been under increased scrutiny since February and are the subject of conversations within the IAB Tech Lab. It’s tricky to detect when ID spoofing is happening, and this will only get harder with cookie deprecation.

Data from demand-side platform Basis Technologies found that when publishers and supply-side platforms use techniques disguised as regular cookie-based targeting, conversion rates decline."

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“We’re not seeing any advertisers pull budget from TikTok currently,” said Colleen Fielder, group vp of social media solutions at Basis Technologies. “We’ve actually been prioritizing TikTok in place of other platforms based on user behavior/time spent and because of the rep support we’re receiving and various ad credits TikTok is offering.”

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"Here’s how Amy Rumpler, svp of search and social media services at Basis Technologies, put it: It’s too early to predict how much each partner’s spend will grow this year, but over the last 12 months Walmart has been growing at a faster pace than Amazon. However, overall spend on Amazon is still much higher than on Walmart at this time, continued Rumpler."

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"Other communications, as Amy Rumpler, svp of search and social media services at Basis Technologies pointed out, tend to look like collateral around promotional periods as well as opportunities to connect with specific communities and conversations around topics such as March Madness — which isn’t exactly groundbreaking, given the ad spending incentives often seen from the likes of Meta or TikTok."

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"As we dissect the intricate web of measurement standards and navigate the treacherous waters of aligning retail media with traditional media investments, brace yourself for a journey to the heart of the advertising revolution... Our panel of mavericks includes Amy Rumpler, orchestrating the search-social opus at Basis Technologies."

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The acquisition is a smart move in the eyes of many media industry players. “By diversifying offsite inventory, Walmart could open opportunities to leverage their customer data via Walmart Connect to reach potential purchasers in Vizio OS,” says Amy Rumpler, senior vice-president of search and social media services at adtech software firm Basis Technologies.

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"For political advertisers, the path to connecting with voters is clear – connected TV is key as voters have migrated and are engaged. The share of political spend on CTV/OTT is significant and is expected to grow.

There is $10 billion projected to be spent on advertising in the 2024 election – an all-time record. Ad spend on broadcast TV is projected to be $5 billion (surpassing$4.5b in 2020), and connected TV/streaming will likely top out at 1.8 billion (up from $1B in 2022). CTV continues to reach larger audiences – and with that, active voters. According to a recent study by LG Ads, 65% of likely voters prefer streaming TV over linear TV."

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"Join us on the ADOTAT Show for a groundbreaking roundtable discussion: "ADTECH'S PANDORA'S BOX: Unleashing Brand Safety Beasts and Budget Black Holes." Dive deep with our expert panelists as they unravel the complexities of digital advertising and confront the industry's most pressing challenges.

Panelists: Richard Kahn: Co-founder & CEO of eZanga.com and Anura.io, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in technology, and a maverick in digital security. Mike Zaneis: CEO of Trustworthy Accountability Group, Brand Safety Institute co-founder, and a trailblazer at the nexus of technology, policy, and media. Jared Siegal: CEO of Aditude, transforming ad operations from a one-man consultancy to a vital service for 20 publishers. Zach Moore: SVP of Digital Media Operations at Basis Technologies, a strategist turning digital media campaigns into bullseye hits. Michael Bishop: Co-founder & CTO of OpenAds.ai, pioneering new pathways in digital advertising with cutting-edge tech."

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"Call it a baby step to a four-day workweek. Basis Technologies, an advertising software company, is making 2024 the year of the half-day Friday. Basis decided to let workers roll out at noon at the end of the week following several years of experiments that at times included being off for the whole day on Friday."

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