"Each year, ThinkLA celebrates Southern California’s advertising, marketing, and media superstars. We continue to honor campaigns, agencies, clients, marketers, media partners, and individuals that exemplify the best our region has to offer." 

Basis Technologies is a finalist in two categories for the ThinkLA IDEA Awards - 'Partner of the Year' and 'DIG (Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equity).'

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"Facts: Basis, a powerful and comprehensive automated digital media management platform, enables marketers to plan, buy, analyze and streamline campaigns for programmatic, direct, search and social."

Basis Technologies was ranked as the 26th Top Workplace in all of Colorado. This is the fourth year in a row it has been ranked in this list.
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"Basis Technologies, which supports cloud-based workflow automation, on Wednesday will announce the addition of its cookieless data offerings through a partnership with location-based data partners from Peer39, an independent data company. The idea is to help marketers “break the addition of user IDs.”

“We’re seeing a lot of people throw things at the wall, and many of them won’t work,” says Ian Trider, vice president of RTB platform operations, Basis Technologies. “There’s a mad scramble to do something.”

The idea to explore non-identify ways to achieve campaign targeting led Basis to expand its partnership with Peer39."

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"Basis Technologies provides cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising. The company focuses on media strategies and outcomes and also has worked with political campaigns and organizations of all sizes. Local and state legislative races and gubernatorial, senate, and national advocacy organizations have used Basis for 15 years, including for 2022 election-spending efforts. Recently, Basis released some data in a report titled “U.S. Elections Digital Advertising Trends,” and concluded that CTV advertising had a bigger impact than ever on political campaigns, particularly the mid-terms."

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"Basis Technologies can now use marketers’ first-party CRM data to engage existing customers across any digital device. The feature, which helps advertisers overcome targeting challenges from the loss of signals, is automated in the Basis platform through an integration with LiveRamp.

Spinutech, an Iowa-based full-service agency with 160 employees throughout the country, is one of the first to use the integration to support creative, content, search engine optimization and more."

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"Among the post-analyses of the political advertising buys from the 2022 midterm elections is an analysis released this week by digital media-buying processing provider Basis Technologies that seems to contradict some of the conventional wisdom asserted to date, including a trend toward programmatic and social media buys.

The analysis, which is based on agencies and political campaigns utilizing Basis' systems to process political media buys in the 2018 and 2022 midterms, as well as the 2020 general presidential election, shows the percentage of programmatic buys fell to 52% in 2022 from 63% in 2020 and 60% in 2018."

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"As residents of Georgia, California, and Pennsylvania can probably attest, political advertisers spent a lot of their 2022 midterm digital budgets on video inventory, according to a report released by the ad platform Basis Technologies.

Breaking it down: Of the more than $130 million in political ad spend that flowed through the Basis Technologies platform in 2022, 68% was spent on video inventory, and 24% was spent on display inventory. Native ads and audio ads represented 3% and 1%, respectively. A quarter of those political advertising dollars were spent in the 10 days leading up to Election Day, Basis found."

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This week saw Meta announce a new AI-focused product team and Snap release its OpenAI-powered chatbot, My AI, begging the question as to how social networking could evolve.

“The short-term benefits are likely to be more organic in nature than anything an advertisement or marketer could influence,” Amy Rumpler, senior vice president of paid search and social at Basis Technologies, said in emailed comments. “For now, the focus seems to be on building user trust and engagement with the tools themselves.”

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"Basis Technologies, a provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, has attained SOC 2 compliance, demonstrating that it maintains a high level of customer information security through comprehensive methods and practices. SOC 2 is a voluntary auditing program designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to establish criteria for how organizations manage customer data."

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