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Aug 12 2020

US Digital Display Advertising 2020

"Digital ad growth is taking a serious hit this year from the coronavirus and related recession. But display ad spending will still post 5.5% in annual growth, thanks to increased investments in video ads, mobile, connected TV (CTV) and programmatic transactions.

Earlier this year, we expected US digital display ad spending to rise by 19.2% in 2020 and reach almost $85 billion. That’s not going to happen now—but spending will still rise by 5.5%. Spending will rebound next year to growth of almost 23%.

The vast majority of digital display spending goes through programmatic pipes, and the share is continuing to increase as more CTV inventory becomes available through this infrastructure. Programmatic penetration continues to increase across mobile and CTV, though desktop- and laptop-based ads are becoming more likely to be purchased through traditional means."

Centro's Hiten Mistry and April Weeks were among a panel of experts eMarketer interviewed for this analysis.

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