Nov 03 2022

The 101 Top B2B Marketing Influencers of 2022

"Leading a marketing department is never easy, but 2022 brought with it a host of unique challenges that made things especially difficult. The return to live events following the onset of COVID, the Great Migration of experienced employees to new roles, budget issues tied to a struggling global supply chain, and signs of a recession are just a few of the characteristics that forced many marketers to be magicians in the past year.

But, through a blend of creativity, acumen, and veritable marketing superpowers, some CMOs were able to not just survive, but thrive. In this eBook, we take a look at the top 101 B2B Marketers of 2022 who were able to stand tall and succeed despite the odds—take a look!"

Basis Technologies' CMO, Katie Risch, was selected for this list! Download the full eBook on CMO Huddles.

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